Book Recommendation for Functional Programming

Hi. I remember that when I started learning Javascript (still is) I decided to go for the real basics and avoid learning it with an external lib, eg jQuery, etc. Some people may agree or not, but that’s my mindset when I begin learning something.

Well, now I’m facing a similar situation when learning FP with JS, most of the books rely on external libs. So, would someone indicate a very basic book that doesn’t go that route?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kodertian, 2 books I would recommend are Functional-Light JavaScript by Kyle Simpson and Professor Frisby’s Mostly Adequate Guide To Functional Programming – both are very accessible and the latter especially fun to read (if you can appreciate his somewhat quirky style of writing). ^^

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Javascript can be confusing with all those external libraries.

I recommend these resources to sharpen the concepts of vanilla JS that is pure javascript

  1. Eloquent JavaScript(Book)
    4)Youtube tutorials
    6)Javscript 30(Best course on JS by Wes bos)

Best of luck

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