Javascript book advice

Hi there,
I am a college student learning computer programming
One of my classes is javascript and I’m getting no where fast with my teacher
I want to invest in a good book for javascript that is easy to read with out being complicated to understand
And also possibly some interactive stuff
That will keep me on track for College level studying
I was wondering if anyone had any advice on good books to look at ?
I’ve looked at a couple but I don’t want to waste my money on something too basic or too complex?

Is JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development any good
Or are there any better ones out there ?

Have you tried the Head-First series? They make it easy to take on the knowledge.
Head First JavaScript Programming


I really like Javascript: The Good Parts, if you’ve got at least some understanding on how it works.

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How about JavaScript: Novice to Ninja?

  1. JavaScript the good parts
  2. Eloquent JavaScript
  3. Headfirst JavaScript programming

Can’t say i’m familiar with novice to ninja, so I can’t really comment.

Just my 2 cents… Good luck

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Instead of just listing book titles (we can use Google for that :slight_smile: ) it might be more helpful if you gave a short description of why you recommended a particular book.

For example, I am going through Beginning JavaScript by Jeremy McPeak and although it may not be the best reference book, it is good for people just starting out learning JavaScript because it has practice exercises at the end of each chapter. So instead of just having examples to copy (perhaps without much thought involved), the reader also has to apply what he/she has learned.


Thank you for the book advice im going to take a look into these books to get better at web development x

I am in my second semester at college,
We have a recommended “book” that is Try this → what happened? It all feels like a mystery and harder than it should be to learn.
I learn in a visual / practical way with a good explanations for what code is / does/ rules of use
Being able to see / use / practice the workings of the code myself but having a firm understanding of it’s rules and uses. So i can experiment with the code myself afterwards.

So i’m looking for a book to be my bible from novice / beginner to being a competent coder.
There’s no guidance for what book to get through College
I have foundation knowledge of HTML and CSS
I understand some theory of Javascripts uses
JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development , from reviews they say it comes with companion books for html and CSS
I’m looking for a go to book that will be my bread and butter through this course
I don’t want to get a wrong book so i am looking for guidance on a resource that can be my staple to understand principles and help me formulate plans for coding well also to good practices of coding.

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