Board game players?

Does anyone here play board games, often?

If so, what kind of games do you play?

I’m a pretty big board game fan and I get together with friends about monthly to play. We post play normalish stuff you can find at Walmart or Target, but we do play a few others like Munchkin or Cards Against Humanity, as well as a few other games that have come and gone. A few of the players don’t really like “hardcore” rulesets like Arkham Horror (which I have been dying to try). I freaking love TCG/CCGs, but they are too expensive to keep up with.

I just bought the Tabletop Simulator yesterday, which seems amazing. It’s literally a “Tabletop Sim” and like playing in real life, where the rules are defined between the players. Pretty much every game I want is on the Steam Workshop. I haven’t really got into any communities yet, but there seems like a pretty big Magic: The Gathering community. It seems like a great way to demo games without spending $50-100 on a game that sucks.

I used to play board games, a lot. Parcheesi, Life, SORRY, Monopoly, etc.

The last time I played a board game was my birthday a few years ago. I told everyone that I invited to my party that it was going to be a board game theme. I purchased the Chicago Edition of Monopoly; RISK; Backgammon; and a few other board games and set them up around a few tables at the bar where I wanted my party. Had a pretty good time, but not many people got into the spirit. :frowning:

I do kind of miss playing board games on an actual board. Computer simulations are okay (I play Backgammon, online), but nothing quite like the physical board on the table with a few chairs, and close friends or family joining in.



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I’ve found that people who don’t really want to play, can really dampen (maybe not ruin) the experience for the other players.


I play things with my kid, of course, that I’m not that enthused about.
I play things with adult family (GF, her parents, my parents, brother, etc) such as Apples to Apples, Chaos, that sort of thing.

I would love to play more: Chaos, Fluxx, RISK, Axis & Allies, Chess, Cards Against Humanity, but don’t have anyone to play 'em with.

You should check out Munchkin. It’s more of a 3+ player game though. Idk how old your kid is, but it’s probably good for 6-8ish and up.

Some of the cards a tad risqué, but not much more than a 90’s cartoon like Rocko or Ren & Stimpy. Most of it would go over a kid’s head.

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I’ll check it out, thanks

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I used to play Monopololy, as soon as I got Mayfair and Park Lane it was usually game over :smile:

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Never did get in to that.

But one of the videos I was watching on the Tabletop Sim had a dungeon built for it, with little Warhammer like minatures… I didn’t know that was part of DnD. What is that?

I haven’t played Warhammer either, though I do own the Dark Vengeance set.

It’s not always about “board” games, but if we’re talking about “boxed” games, my favourites are Boggle, Railroad Tycoon, Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne and Munchkin, along with old favourites like Monopoly, Risk and some lesser known ones like Buccaneers and The Business Game.

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That’s a pretty popular game that is kind of in between the games you have to buy at a specialty stores and the ones you buy at Walmart… but we played it 1 time, everyone hated it so we never played it again.

I kinda felt the same way about Dominion too though, that’s a very popular card game that created (popularized?) an entire genre of card games. It’s rated highly everyone, but neither I nor the people I play with liked it.

I mean, it’s one of the highest rated games on BGG with 43k ratings. It’s even highly rated on Amazon with a 4.8/5 with 1k ratings.

Maybe we were playing them wrong. They weren’t a bad games, we just didn’t think they were very fun.

As a matter of fact, when I am not on my computer (in work on at home working on Open Source Software) my wife and I are playing board games. We are Americans who do not watch TV (I don’t own one) or go out to bars.
Our ‘friends’ are fellow Board Gamers.
I have played “Table Top” games all my life; first played D-and-D in the 1970s (yes, I am that old) and was heavy into MtG until about 5th Edition (wow, was it ten years ago?!).

Among the 100+ in my collection we have recently been enjoying “Castles of the Mad King Ludwig”.
All Time Favorites include:

  • Castles of Burgundy
  • Bora Bora
  • Caylus
  • Trajan
  • Alhambra
  • Race for the Galaxy

I could go on, and on, and on.

Glad to see you are also a Board Gamer, @mawburn!

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###The Mighty, The Invinsible, The First and the Last . . .###

I have one of the precious few Avalon Hill originals of the boxed board game. Hasbro bought AH for the purpose of eliminating the game. Now known as Hasbrokenit and officially on my sh+t list.

You gave Dominion a 10… I want to like that game. I really do.

Do you have the Tabletop Simulator? There are a few copies of Dominion on there.

How does it compare to Netrunner? I’ve actually been debating on that one recently to help fix my MtG craving.

I use to play monopoly until my family banned the game from being played, because of The Trade Incident. I never lost a game, either :wink:

I love Cards Against Humanity, Werewolf and Avalon. King of Tokyo and 7 Wonders is a lot of fun to play, too, as is Settlers of Cattan.

With the younger crowd I’ve been playing Uno and Hungry Hungry Hippo which is lots of fun :slight_smile:

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I love playing board games, but Running Bear isn’t keen, so I don’t get much opportunity unless we have visitors. The exception to this is “Woolly Bully”, which we play occasionally - mainly by candlelight during power cuts - and which gets really competitive. (of course, it’s meant to be a children’s game…)

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Actually, that rating for Dominion is a bit old. As my tastes changed I have not revised those ratings - I really should reevaluate that entire list.
Personally, I think NetRunner is a better game. Of course, it is only two-players. That may be one of its strengths. So many games that profess to support a two-player version require such a twisting of the rules it affects the gameplay - cripples it.

I still really like Dominion. But there are more I have played recently that I like better. I would put 7 Wonders in the same category with Dominion. The “Card Drafting” mechanic appeals to me more than the “Deck Building”. Which is a switch in my tastes because during its heyday my favorite aspect of MtG was deck construction. I joked that my only reason for playing the game was to test out new decks!

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Yeah, it’s much easier to find 1 person to play with than multiple. Unless you have a gaming group. I’d really like to find one, but the public ones around me are a bit much. One gathers at the main library downtown. I’m more of a Dinner Table sorta guy. :smile: The local game shop is definitely too hardcore for me, but I do shop there often.

I actually hadn’t heard of that one before. Is it as simple as it looks? I’ve been looking for a decently simple game to add. I forgot to mention it, but Small World is pretty much the only one that I was able to talk people into playing on a regular basis. But we played it out and it got old. It’s good to cycle.

This is the top article on /r/boardgames right now:

##Time to try board games newer than Monopoly

I definitely agree with him for anyone who hasn’t played anything recent before. :smiley:

Sometimes with Settlers you get duff games. Sometimes the layout of the tiles and numbers, or the starting positions that people pick, aren’t conducive to a good game. Sometimes it’s just bad luck. What I’ve found is that the first one or two times that people play it, they don’t always “get” it, and especially if they are playing with other people who haven’t played it before (or people who have but keep all the tips and tricks they know to themselves!), but as they play it a little bit more, and get to know the game better, they like it more and more. No, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the majority of people I know who have tried it have liked it. So maybe it’s worth giving it another try.

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It’s very simple, but fun to play, and the cards (and expansions) provide some good power-ups and plot twists while playing.

The concept is very easy to follow which is important, I think, when introducing new people to a game :slight_smile:

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