Fonts look so hazy and faded in FireFox

Hello, Always the websites I make, their texts look so faded and light in FireFox. I did some Googling before creating this thread but got no solution.

Is their really any fix for that or it depends on the fonts I am selecting. I think fonts have nothing to do with this because even Open Sans looks very faded and chirpy in FireFox 47.

Or it is some issue with my computer… my OS and browser…

Can anybody help?
Thank you.

What does chirpy look like?

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not sure if it is the same type of issue but on our work computers using chrome the font is very fuzzy. There is a fix here which obviously won’t help FF but it is a problem that exists. So i would assume the same/similar can happen in FF.

googled ‘firefox font looks fuzzy’ and found this

This will may be helpful :
Go to System Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization
Under Fonts > Click on Adjust Clear Text .
Choose appropriate text and click on Save changes .

from here


In all seriousness, I don’t see a lot of difference between Open Sans in FF and Chrome (and FF arguably looks a little better). In using Win 10.

It’s only when there is a problem with graphics drivers(or something like that). My normal computer is fine and looks the same across the browsers but our work server has some issue that causes it to go fuzzy on chrome, where it is quite obvious to see and is fixed by turning something off.

Assuming that is the same the OPs problem.

Thank you everybody… Yeah it seems there is still no solution to it. Thank you all :slight_smile:

Can you post some screen shot of the text in different browsers so we can see what you are seeing?

here it is :slight_smile:

Those look like different sizes. Maybe you need to reset font zoom (Ctrl + 0) or you have the default size set other than the default.

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That looks as if you either have text zoomed out on Firefox, or your default font size set larger on Chrome.

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I normally use Firefox, and my experience is the same as @Gandalf’s; font generally seem to render slightly clearer on FF than on Chromium.

Thank you Sam and Bear. I adjusted the font size in FF from 15 to 16 and now it looks a bit better.

In Chrome there are options like small, large, medium etc. I think Browser companies should also give another option called default in addition to those options… Anyway thats a another story.

Thank you for now.

do you mean 15px to 16px? you are better off using a relative unit like %. If you set it to 100% then the user can adjust up or down easier. Some browsers won’t allow the font size to change if fixed with px so people with poor sight who want a bigger font can’t change it.

@Noppy: you’re right, but @littlebirdy is talking about setting his own browser font sizes, not those of a Web page.

@Noppy, please note that Firefox does not claim that the number is any standard unit of measuire. It is just a number with more graduations than Chrome’s large, medium, small.

@littlebirdy, your experience with the different user font-sizes points out a possible deficiency in the design of the page if it expects users to have enlarged their default font size. Also, IMO, the gray font is too pale; a darker, more readable shade wouldn’t scare visitors away. It might even keep a few who have less than ideal vision.

ah sorry both thought it was being set on the webpage, not the browser size.

Thank you to all of you. Yes I will darken the font color. I gen. use rem.

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