How can i be a good blogger?

please answer these two questions –

  1. why do you want to blog?

  2. what do you want to blog about?

You should know how to drive traffic, excellent grammar & need a good knowledge about search engine optimization.

For this you need to update your blog regular basis. Its content should unique and informative. Its helps you for enhance your website traffic.

First decide what do you want from your blog ? it’s just a hobby or you want to earn some money from it? To become a good blogger is not so difficult but you should have a great skills about your topic and you should provide original & informative content for the users.

  1. why do you want to blog?
  • Hobby/professional work
  1. what do you want to blog about?
  • Any topic that interests you or can earn money :slight_smile:

captivate an audience with interesting subject matter. That is an essential step. Also, provide readers/site visitors with a way to engage either through a nice comment system or via a social network like Facebook on your posts. Get a nice following and repeat.

Hi, Welcome to blogging Field. I good blogger is always write good and relevant content about the topic.
If you want to be a good blogger you must be need all information about your topic. Collect the all info about topic then start blog. Good Luck.

Find a useful and interesting topic that will engage your target audience. From there, create posts that are fun and useful at the same time. This way, your readers will come back for more of your posts. Also, encourage your audience to interact with you or with each other. :slight_smile:

I think al has been said. Thread closed.