Are personal blogs good or bad?


I think i read some where that having a personal blog is bad for making $$. Is this true? Or having a blog about computer or something like that better?

A blog which is essentially just about you and what you’re doing is unlikely to generate much income - but this type of blog shouldn’t really be about money anyway.

Find a topic you want to talk about, something you like and interests you, focus on that topic and write about it. Whether that’s cars, computers, money, or something totally different. If you want to make money with it, do some background research, (e.g. competition), maybe identify a particular niche within those topics (a particular car maker, a particular software, making money online), and get talking to other blogs within the same market segment.

Thanks c2uk,

I think i now know where in what direction to take my blog.

Well you can earn from it IF you have a lot of fans but if you don’t have them then you cannot because ads are necessary to earn and they won’t give you anything if your blog don’t have traffic, like more than 300 unique users a day. So if you want to earn and also want to make a personnel blog then start writing about things that are famous like celebrities some famous products, reviews on movies and latest gadgets in your own way and with the help of little bit of seo you can earn from it.

if my opinion is it not true, because most important is

  1. seo
  2. backlink
  3. meta tag
  4. update:):):slight_smile:

nope your opinion is not true. Because topic, content and quite a few other things are far more important than SEO. If your chosen topic is the Icelandic Horses you’re chances of making much money, even with great SEO are very limited - because (1) small target market, and (2) competition is already very high. Worse is if you don’t have any chosen topic, and one day talk about Icelandic Horses, the next about Barack Obama winning the Noble Peace Prize, and the very next day (this related to your number 4 update) about the Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

Also, meta tags are pretty much the least important part of SEO (your 1-3 are all related to SEO).

if you do not believe please apply what I suggested. I’m sure you’ll be happy.

if you don’t believe me, try making money with a blog on Icelandic Horses.

If you want to make money, a blog should be a tool for showing off your writing ability and knowledge on a particular subject. You should only blog on a subject you know enough about to show off some level of experience, talking about things you have no knowledge of will just lead to no good. Essentially if you want to make money, have the blog talking about things you offer in order to make money, rather than being the source of the income itself (unless you are offering something so valuable in terms of writing that it can be justified, but then you would probably need to be a very good portrayer of the written word). :slight_smile:

Shame your opinion is wrong, spamming a website to appear highly in search engines is no substitute for content, people do not trust or buy from websites which pollute the web with trash. The problem with such uninspired focus towards SEO clearly shows that you spend so much time trying to beat the competition that your website itself offers nothing of any value (as it’s clearly not justifying itself), at least that’s what I can deduct from a post where you say the only things worth considering on a website are search rankings, link pharming, meaningless META data and spinning updates. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex,

Since you put it that way i’ll have to think of something else.

That will depend on how “personal” is the personal blog.
If you complain about toothache, and you explain about wisdom tooth, plus providing solutions to relieve toothache. That can make money.
If the personal blog is nothing but feelings and complaints, then no way you can make money.

scheng1, and if you advertise products as part of those solutions you will be required to declare your being paid to advertise them on the blog otherwise you could be in violation of the law… not only that, such senseless promotion (for self-gain) on topics you can cash in on would almost certainly put off visitors as they can clearly see your just trying to sell them anything you can put your name too, great way to cheapen your good name. :nono:

Hi AlexDawson, I have a small disclaimer in both my blogs, for the “just in case” (model from John Chow’s blog). Anyway, my affiliate marketing method is very subtle, using anchor text. I have gotten rid of all banners and widgets, except for Google Adsense.
Actually what I meant is that, when I wrote about constipation, I mentioned about apple-cidar vinegar. If I want to write about dinner, I can also add in the recipe.
That does not mean I’m selling any product. With enough keywords for a particular word, the Google Adsense will display relevant ad.

thanks all because your information give me new knowledge:)

I think we should focus on a particular topic or industry to increase our chances of making money with it

I was thinking of just having a blog to have fun with it and just see where it takes me and forget about making money of it. If it does make money cool if not then i won’t mind because i’ll have fun with it.

Thanks Everyone!

That’s really what it should all be about in the end :slight_smile:

Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, et al, they do pretty well on feelings and complaints. :lol:

No that’s not true! well if you know the power of personal blog than you may dont want to miss this, well personal blog is where you can build you creadiblity and trust, when people who read your personal blog trust you this is will be the “weapon” to make money.

ya personal blog not for make money. If you want to make money, then choose topic.