Black screen after welcome screen - xp

Hi everyone

I have a Toshiba Satellite P100 running XP Home. A few days ago i was playing AoE3 (irrelevant) when the cursor turned to a square with flashing colours followed by the rest of the screen doing the same, and then froze the computer, Upon restarting i was presented with the welcome screen as usual, however within seconds the screen went black. I was able to boot to Safe Mode, and also able to get to desktop via VGA mode. But as i restarted, same black screen issue.

Anyway, after trying many things including running recovery disk, problem remain. So i formatted the disk, and all was well, i had full use of screen, did all the updates and spent a fair bit of time on the laptop…until screen freeze and back to black screen.

My first thought was cooling issue, but surely even after formatting the problem would have existed straight away not hours later.

Any ideas?


Have you had any power surges whilst the computer has been plugged into the mains?

Thanks for the response, turns out to be a graphics chip issue…new motherboard for me then :frowning: