ACER M3641 problems, Motherboard replacement?

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I have an Acer M3641 with Windows Vista from my nephew that has been running over year and a half now.
He said that sometimes computer freezes while working on it, and with a manual shutdown and the bootrecovery from windows afterwords, computer boots fine and works again.
Yesterday, he had the same problem but this time, no avail from the boot recovery. So he asked me to look into it.
Actually problem is the next:
Pc and BIOS start up fine. It’s when you want to start Windows (either boot recovery or normal start) that all of a sudden the screen turns black.
I can work in the BIOS, work with a boot cd, but when starting windows, the screen gets like no power anymore from the pc, and screen shuts down. The fans and computer keep on spinning but no way to get access to the screen.

  • So I tried the videocard onto my computer: WORKS
  • I tried to attach the harddrive to my computer: WORKS
  • I attached the harddrive on my computer using the powersupply of the Acer: WORKS
  • I attached the motherboard to my computer: THAT didn’t work, I even got no startupscreen.

I think there might be a problem with the motherboard considering my tests, but I just want some more information about this problem, if I’m actually right. Because buying a new motherboard and then realising it’s just not the motherboard is just plain stupid.
So does anybody know this problem? Anybody have a tip to make sure everything can be shut out, and the motherboard comes out as the bad one?

THanks in advance!
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When you say that you attached the hard drive to your computer, did you use it as the boot drive?

In other words: A) did you boot into the Windows contained on the suspect drive, or B) did you boot into your Windows and examine the drive from there?

While B lets you know if the drive is working, unless you also try A, you don’t yet know anything about the health of the Windows installation on that drive.

Have you tried booting into safe mode?

You may want to try booting memtest86+ and/or an anti-virus boot disk just to see if they’ll work. If they do, I’d try installing Windows on a spare drive - if that works, the Windows installation on the original hdd is probably buggered.

Sidenote: In regards to trying the motherboard in your computer: I recently replaced my motherboard and can say that Windows did not appreciate it - I had to reinstall. Also, wow, that’s a heck of a lot of work, your nephew is lucky to have you :slight_smile:

Apparently I tried booting into safe mode, and computer freezes when he tries to load the Windows Files.
So I tried formatting and reinstalling Vista from the boot cd, same freeze at windows files loading…
I tried with another working bootcd from XP, and it freezes again at Loading files: windows executive.
I do recall (starting to hesitate a bit) that the harddrive, attached as master and primary drive onto my own pc, Vista DID start and I was able to login into the account.

So what could this problem be? So strange that he freezes at the same part, but from different boot ways. Is this the confirmation needed to change the motherboard?


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Wow, that is a strange problem…

Did you try memtest86+? It seems feasible to me that if you have some bad memory, Windows could fail on boot.

(I’m not convinced the motherboard is at fault yet)

Yup, just burn the iso and boot with the disc in the drive, as long as the optical drive is first in the boot order.

Memtest will start up and run the default, which is a battery of 7 tests. It can take quite a while. I usually watch for a little bit, then find something else to do. If I look in on it and the screen is full of error messages, I know the memory is bad.

Gonna try memtest and give you updates!
Is it just downloading the iso, burning, and let it boot in the bios? What does it do? And how can I see if there’s any problem with the memory?

P.S. Bah, I just took out the motherboard to get it replaced :-). Gonna have to put all the connections back to see if the memtest doesn’t give any error.


Ok so I tried the memtest. At first it didn’t even start.

  • So I pulled one of the two ramsticks out. That way I discovered that the right one, didn’t function at all, since the memory test didn’t even start there.
  1. What does this mean? How can that be changed?
  • The left one did work, but both of the ramsticks gave enumerous errors, and at 1% of the complete test, the test didn’t even continue, but just freezes after 40 errors :o
  1. What can we conclude on the two ramsticks?

  2. What can we conclude on the ramshelve? where we put the rams in?

  3. wasn’t able to test with another ramstick because my pc has DDR3 and my old pc has DDR sticks…

  4. What now :p?

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We can conclude, with high probability - but not certainty, that the ram is bad and should be replaced.

It would be nice to test the ram in another machine, then you’d know for sure if the ram or the motherboard has the problem.

Perhaps there’s a computer shop in your area that would test it for you?

Just tested the Ramsticks on another computer, no errors there, so that means the motherboard(or better the ramshelves) IS kaputtttt afterall??
So best is to replace the entire motherboard?


Yup, I guess that ended up being the hard way, but at least you know for sure you’re replacing the correct part.