Laptop Toshiba Qosmia Windows 7 Freeze's

Hi all,

Just couple of weeks i have been having issues with my Laptop its brand new only a couple of months old every time i run the following programs photoshop cs3,dreamweaver,msn,filezilla,aim and google chrome my computer seems to freeze up on my Windows 7 Laptop now it doesnt just freeze when i launch the program it works for awhile and couple of hours later it freezes on me and everything is up to date i think ill do a antivirus scan and post back with my results but i dont think i have any antivirus running a scan now i know my antivirus is all up to date cuz ive tried it so much

So can anyone help tell me what is wrong and how can i fix my problem feel free to post stuff so i can help me debug my issue,

it happens when i connect another monitor into my laptop which i have google chrome and msn and aim running aswell sometime photoshop and dreamweaver.

So im not sure what my problem is,

As for my specs of my laptop here it is below

Windows 7
4gb of ram
Intel Core Processor q720 @1.60GHZ
900GB of hard-drive

So not sure what else only game ive recently installed is Diablo 2 so it shouldnt affect my laptop anyway,

Can anyone help me out here?


Thanks for telling about your problem is solved .

i sent it away a week or 2 ago they techs said my laptop was clean for hard-drive and ram they updated my bios and now its semi working i had a unexpected shutdown so its fine for nw.

Which antivirus are you using?

avg antivirus

Try uninstalling your antivirus and any security software you are currently running, then restart. See if you still have a freeze. And no, this is not Windows XP you will not get infected with a virus the moment you connect to the internet without an antivirus.

ive thought i do an update and it seems so far since ive recently upgraded my drivers it hasnt been crashing so it seems to be working for now next time it crashes ill do what you said above.

Contrary to what other people have said in this thread… consistent freezing and crashing within windows is NOT generally due either to a virus or antivirus software going wild. While I’m assuming you haven’t had a blue screen of death yet (that would be the clincher) my best guess would be that it could well be a piece of hardware malfunctioning (as is often the case). Check your device manager for any conflicting hardware if there is any and then ensure ALL of your drivers (especially graphics) are up-to-date, often outdated drivers can cause serious issues within Windows when certain products are installed, it’s all to-do with the way Windows allocates it’s resources which results in much of the problems that you’’ encounter. :slight_smile:

PS: I just noticed your reply (which was after I began typing this, lol), You were right to update your copy of windows and drivers, I would manually check for updates for everything on the system (as mentioned) if possible because it’s usually driver issues that cause Windows to glitch out and go nutty. :wink:

i think your laptop has some virus and due to those virus may be your laptop doesn’t respond for some of program you should remove virus from your laptop and then restart it and try to open programs you specified above
if you are not able to these yourself then go to laptop repair shop and they will do it