Bidding in Upwork

Is there anyone who know about Upwork bidding then please tell me how to do bidding perfectly ?

The biggest problem today for freelancers in upwork is that no one hires freelancers without experience. I for example, always check recommendations, previous projects and percentage of work done. If you want to start as a new freelancer I would recommend think about it twice.

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I have been using Upwork for a while now, and was using Elance before it turned into Upwork. There really is no perfect method for bidding. Ideally you’d have an upgraded account that lets you see how much other users have bid so you can make sure your price quote is a median between the lowest and the highest. But experience really is everything. If you have a demonstrable record of positive work on Upwork with people giving you good feedback then you are more likely to get hired. Also, make sure your resume on Upwork is updated and accurately shows your educational background and work experience. I also find that being extremely kind and respectful (i.e. Sir/Ma’am; Thank you for your consideration) is often a touch people like when you are corresponding with them.

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