Best way to monetize entertainment sites?

Hey there,

I am wondering which are the best ways to monetize mens entertainment websites. I own a pretty popular site on this niche, its safe for work and we only monetize it with AdSense at the moment which is really really poorly paid on this niche.

In one month we had 186,000 unique visitors, over 650,000 impressions and from AdSense we only made about $300 per month which isn’t great at all. We barely cover the price of our dedicated server and we are looking for ways to increase our revenue so we could hire some help to make it bigger.

We also tried affiliates such as ashley madison but in over 1 month even though they had huge exposure and we sent them over 8,000 unique visitors we haven’t earned a single cent from them since none of those visitors bought membership from them.

So… if you guys could help with some additional monetizing methods that work for a mens entertainment site I will love you for the rest of your lives :slight_smile:


Knowing exactly what entertainment site you’re trying to do would be most helpful.

If you are doing entertainment/humor, .45 cents eCPM is great.

If you target your site, you’ll usually end up coming out better. Targeted ads make more.

If you meet the traffic specs, join TribalFusion. They can get you more than that and they are a DAMN GOOD ad group.

If you get really big, you can start getting direct IO buys through a tier 1 ad firm and make closer to $5 eCPM for cool campaigns. I’ve had a single page peel pay $12 eCPM or a skin pay $20eCPM. That’s nice.


Oh, and stick to CPM. CPA rarely works for entertainment sites.

For the number of impressions its really low compared to other niches. Do you know any affiliates that might work on this niche? Or some quality CPM networks?

Actually, that’s a lot for adsense. :slight_smile:
You should try affiliate programs.

What entertainment niche are you in?

$0.45 eCPM that you’re getting isn’t that bad, but depending on exactly what your site offers it could probably be improved with a more vertical ad network representing you (such as a music or TV/film or gaming network).