Question About Traffic & Income

I get around 30,000 visitors per month and my adsense income is approximately $450 to $500 per month.

I need opinion. Is my site working good or it is average income that I am getting income.
I am trying to increase traffic to the website but it is very hard.

what i have experienced is your earning is good.
mine was less than $50 for 30000 visitors
but you haven’t given full info like total page impression for the month and eCPM any eCPM above 1-2 USD is good and i expect your will be more than $5

My ECPM is more than 5.
The page impression is about 60,000 +

You actually earn pretty well. I had a similar site (traffic wise) and even more impressions, since it’s a forum) and I’d get around $10/month :smiley:

So you’re in a good niche and seem to do something pretty well there. Keep on increasing the traffic and also look for other ways to monetize. If adsense is giving you this money, other ad networks might pay way better

Based on a site that I have that is pretty good. Of course it is hard to say it will also depend on your niche and what methods you are using to generate revenue (sales, Adsense, etc.)

then my friend your income is really good.
you don’t have to worry about.
just keep on investing to make more

Doing good there, sir. It seems that you’re niche is trending, or something. Keep it up, and maybe try to incorporate some other ways of getting site traffic. That amount that you’re earning might even grow.

You are earning handsome income and I think its very huge earning for just 30,000 Visitors.

That’s pretty good. Have you considered using a mobile ad network as well? They’ll put mobile ad units for when you get a mobile visitor. Even if you don’t have a mobile version of your site you will still get mobile visitors. You can go to to get an estimate although sometimes they are wrong.

Just google mobile ad networks or check out tapit, jumptap, adjump, or some other ad network whose name is some combination of tap, jump, ad. maybe mob. They won’t give you as much as 5$ ecpm (unless you have a very clicky audience), but it will be another stream of revenue.

Hey Routerexpert,

Great job! Looks like you’re doing well.

Which network are you using? And where is most of your traffic coming from? Lastly, what is the content of your site like?

Bill Alden

Do not judge your return on general averages, they’re highly misleading.

Instead look for sites with a similar focus or demographic and see if you can butter them up enough to know where they stand. $5 cpm is, versus the web as a whole, very strong but I can name dozens of sites where it would be a seriously bad result. Be happy on the first part, but don’t be complacent for the second.

adsense is so unreliable, be careful of trusting it, many have had their accounts closed recently, even top end marketers. I recommend you play around with ad placements(remember 3 per page max) and consider affiliate products like from Amazon. Depending on the demographic they can sell well. Actually with your traffic I recommend even, you may be able to sell and get payed nicely for ad space.