Best way for SEO

Hey guys , tell me what is the best way for seo… Online or Offline … And explain also ! :rolleyes:


Forum posting is very unlikely to get you backlinks (which is presumably what you have in mind here) - certainly none worth having.

Most reputable forums mark external links as nofollow. Even where this is not the case, links which you can easily place yourself are not generally given much weight by search engines - especially if they appear on a page with numerous other links.

Dropping links on a forum is more likely to get you banned than to get you backlinks.

If I’ve misunderstood what you meant by your comment, then please feel free to explain how you think forum posting benefits SEO.

Both are the good ways.

First start with On Page SEO and make your site better.

After that start high quality link building with Off Page SEO.

Make sure link building nowadays is critical. So, don’t build too much links to get top positions in Google. It may be harmful for your website.

well, all depends on what kind of product do you have and what do you mean by “Offline SEO”. I doubt, that such a notion actually exists. Could you please clarify? or maybe you mean by offline SEO something else instead of just SEO, because it is in its essense an online, web-based procedure?

yes, both are very essential On Page SEO helps to optmize the pages and make hole site optmize and Off Page SEO makes the site popular with backlinks.

Both are best way of SEO service, Firstly focus on on-page seo and after do off-page. Your ranking factor based on off-page SEO.

best way of seo is forum posting,blog comments, social book marking,directory submission as well as on page optimization of meat tag, meta keyword and meta description.

Did you read as far as the second post in this thread before you replied? I’ve explained why I think forum posting is useless for SEO; if you disagree, then please give your reasons.

I would add that blog commenting is probably also a waste of time, for the same reasons.

I think if you want to get your site on the first page on Google than Off page optimization and on page optimization is equally essential.

I have read all the replies. Members are saying you should do On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. I am agree with all.
My question is what to do in On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO? No one has answer this question and really it is need a broad explanation.
In my opinion it depends on what type of website is? On-Page SEO may be same for approx all websites but Off-page SEO can never be same.
Share your website type and product type. I’ll further like to assist you… I’ll tell you what Off-Page techniques you need to use.

In your post you said that “in you opinion” it is useless. Well if there is 100 people in one room they all can have their own opinions which will make 100 different opinions.

If in fact forum posting is bad like you say I would like to see a proof of that for example screen shots of someone ( or you, because you said so ) using this technique and then showing that he was penalised/banned by google and lost his rank. Or at least provide us with a link to reliable article which talks about this.

Just a quick question is forum posting is bad why do you have link in your signature ?

I am sorry to interfere between you both. But I’ll also like to answer the question.
If forum provide No-follow link then it is not providing direct benefit in SEO terms i.e. it is not increasing PR.
But it is increasing traffic and increasing targeted traffic that’s also good for website. So such forum provide indirect benefit.
And yes, forum provides do-follow link give direct benefit too.

I hope you both will agree on it.

I think you misunderstood @TechnoBear; she did not say it’s bad, she said it’s useless in terms of SEO. She did not mean that Google will penalize your site, but that the site where such effort is made will likely Ban you from that site.

As @ccs007; said, you may get some traffic, but it won’t get you any SEO benefit and even if it is a follow link that benefit is likely to be negligible.

@Mittineague is quite right - that’s exactly what I meant.

And yes, somewhat unusually I do happen to have a (nofollow) link in my signature at the moment. It goes to a site which is nothing whatsoever to do with me, and the purpose of the link is to publicise the event, not to provide traffic or any SEO benefit to the site linked. The chances of any other member wanting to - and being able to - take part in that event are pretty remote, so as a means of promotion, it’s next to useless, but I’ve included it on the off-chance that somebody might be interested. But as I said before, it has zero SEO benefit - which is the theme of this thread.

@TechnoBear you write in your post #14 that it has zero SEO benefit.
I am not agree on it. I already said in my post #12 that no-follow link also provide indirect benefits.
I’ll further like to explain it… Any link on webpage, if put on right category provide direct or indirect traffic to website. We can never consider the benefit ‘zero’.
Links are in signature are no-follow that’s why not sharing PR but working to provide visitors to linked site. And increasing number of visitors is also good, mainly for ecommerce and social media websites.

I think we both agree here - we’re just using words differently. :slight_smile:

By SEO, I mean that exactly - something which affects how search engines view and rank a site. So a nofollow link in a forum signature does have zero benefit as far as that is concerned.

But you are also right that the link may drive traffic to the site and benefit it in that way. It’s just that I regard SEO and traffic as two distinct areas, so our differences are really in use of language, not in opinions. :slight_smile:

Nice explanation… I am impressed… :slight_smile:

off page and on page both are essential for SEO, i think that 20% work off page and 80% on page. with out 20% nothing, becous this is a base. and in 20 % … 20% brand name 40% l9ink + read more, 20% targeded…

For SEO off-page and on-page both are important. When you create a website you must concern about on page SEO. First research keyword. It is most important than meta keyword is also important. For off-page SEO create links on high PR forums and social bookmarking sites. Also you can use social media.

If you can learn the difference between optimization and link building you will be more qualified to run a website business than 95% of the other webmasters out there so I would do that first. Next find the right mix of marketing solutions for you. Try PPC, social media campaigns, contests/events that utilize several channels as part of a push. Don’t even bother with link building until you understand the concept of 5 great links being better than 5K junk links.