Best software for developing software


I am going to teach myself C#, because I found out after a little bit of research that this is the perfect language for developing both web- as Windows application (especcially when connected to each other).

What I would like to know is which programming environment is preferred. I know Microsoft offers a stripped down version of, called the Visual Standard edition. I am also aware of WebMatrix.

Which of both “platforms” is preferred for programming in C# with my purpose in mind?



I’d definately go with VS.NET. As far as debugging, code completetion, references, class browser, modeling tools, etc. It’s the way to go.

if you are serious about development then you will ineveitably at some point want to use VS.NET. if you are just casual about it, using Web Matrix for web stuff and #develop for windows stuff will offer a relatively good free solution.

Agreed about Visual Studio, but the stand-alone C# IDE I think is a steal for under a hundred bucks. Heck, get the “learning edition” and it even comes with a book.

WebMatrix, in my frequently less than popular opinion, allows you or encourages you to do things old school in more of a script fashion, and that’s one thing I don’t like about it. (A point that actually doesn’t hold much weight, as some of its best features were just tests to integrate into the next version of Visual Studio.)

i have VS.NET Standard, works great it has everything i need.

I completely agree with this and is one of the reasons I rarely advocate its usage.

How much does Standard cost, couldn’t find a price with that description.

Visual Studio costs many thousands of dollars; Visual C# costs $99.


Yeah, I know, but archigamer mentioned standard and I couldn’t find it…

Ah, okay… I’m not sure about the specific price. :slight_smile:

I am getting very excited by the way for learning this new language! Is the SitePoint book a good one to start?

I know you are talking about c# but here is a free VB tool:

Get a Free Not-For-Resale Copy of Visual Basic .NET 2003 Standard Edition from Microsoft. You’ll have to view and rate five short Movies. You really can’t go wrong when it is free :slight_smile:

Great link!

By the way, could someone explain in short what the difference is between, and What would be best suited for my purpose?

Thanks (you all are a really great help!!)

They’re all languages, but have a different syntax.

C# and C++ are all based on C; Visual Basic is not. Visual Basic is often considered as a pseudo-language, if easier to use; C# and C++ are robust and scalable.

I personally won’t touch Visual Basic with a 10-foot poll, and do everything in C#, but I’m weird.


Haha, that I must be weird too! Microsoft really got me exited about C#, especcially with my purpose in mind. It also seems it is quit a popular language for developers of applications, and of course for the SitePoint book.

Yep, C# is a rising star. :wink:

It doesn’t really matter which language you use, but I really think C# is best for a lot of reasons (not the least of which is the employment opportunities where I live).

It’s interesting that WebMatrix has been a testing ground for a lot of the features in VS 2005. That “free” tool wasn’t out there just for the good of mankind.

sorry i meant Visual costs 90 bucks, probably cheaper on amazon

Aha, clear now! What kind of applications do you develop? apps, windows form apps, and .net web services.