Learning the C Languages

Hello everyone,
So i started learning how to develop for the web with HTML and CSS, soon realizing that that was not enough i took up PHP and mySQL, which i found pretty easy after getting through a couple books and then started on my journey through Javascript. However, now i would like to start learning languages like c/c#/c++ but im not sure where to start and which one i should concentrate on. Also if anyone has any books to recommended i would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. i have minimal experience with the BASIC family

Thank You,

Absolute Beginners Guide To C

Many firms are hiring C# developers. Get a book on Visual C# and .net. Another popular language is Java. Very similar to C# but not in the .net family. Stick with one and get good at it. It doesn’t matter which, there are jobs out there.

I used the absolute beginners guide to PHP when i first started but i found it to be some what lacking in comparison with other books, also are there any disadvantages to starting with C# rather than C, oh and which one would probably be the easiest to learn and eventually master with my experience.