Do I need to install Visual C# and Visual Web Developer?


I would like to start learning C# and then move to ASP.NET. I’ve found tutorials for C# that needs to install Visual C#. But after I finish of this I need to install Visual Web Developer as well. Isn’t there other option that can have the two in one package?

Visual Studio is the all-in-one package geared toward developing Windows and Web applications

Visual Web Developer is geared toward developing Web Applications.

Visual C# is geared toward developing C# Windows applications.

As Force flow said. You are looking for Visual Studio. But just know, that you have to get a license for visual studio, it is not free. The Visual C# and Visual Web Developer are the free versions.

Sorry if I’m hijacking :shifty:

I’d really like to get Visual Web Developer. But when I go to download, I get the “manager”, then it wants to do a 500 MB transfer.

I’m stuck with a dial-up cnx that cuts off after 4 hrs - “unlimited” but with “reasonable use” restrictions - so the best I can get at home is 40 MB per session.

I tried using my libraries cable cnx to download to a thumb drive, but no joy.

Any possibility of direct download of the components? getting a DVD somehow?

Or if I need to pay for a DVD, just go for Studio?

The iso downloads are quite large… But I cannot imagine you will be able to get a DVD for free. Can you not download it on a friend or someones adsl like and put it on flash drive to take home?

Try grabbing the ISO from

The WebPI is really awesome except when you are stuck behind a firewall or trying to do scripted installs and the like. I have no idea how I would live in a dialup world at this point. My cell phone has a 3 megabit connection if I’m that desperate . . .


I’ve never heard of microsoft offering DVDs/CDs for free software. You may be out of luck there.

If you’re in a rual area that doesn’t even offer DSL, there’s this option:

The other option might be to have a friend download it for you who does have broadband access.[/ot]

Just to comment from a response above. You can get most MS software for for free for 3 years:

@wwb_99; Thanks! the disc image was what I needed :slight_smile: I expect it to be somewhat familiar yet quite different than my old VS 6.0

@Force Flow I don’t consider the Greater Springfield area to be rural. Unfortunately cable is outside my budget and I’m too far away from the “central station” for DSL.

Very aggravating, as I was able to go to my library and download the iso to a thumb drive in ~15 minutes where at home it would have taken ~70 hours !!

@Jason_C; That looks really good, but I’m guessing I’d still run into dial-up cnx issues.

Web Matrix, might be worth a look…

Visual Studio Express edition is free and it comes with C# and VB.Net runtime. You don’t need to install anything else other than Visual Studio.