Best SEO Technique available to increase PR of a website

I have been working as a SEO in one of the leading custom written research paper website for the past 2 years. Now, I have been assigned a job of promoting my company website to the first page from 7th page, i have tried a lot and all types of link building techniques such as directory submission, social bookmarking, Blog commenting, drupal blogs, forum posting, guest posting, classical ads submission, document submission and all. But, i could not get my website to first page it has been still placed in the third page. So,I request you all to guide me in this promotion task to bring my company website to the first page of google search engine.

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Firstly, your question is unclear. The title says you want to improve the PR of your site, but your post says you want to improve your ranking in search results (SERP). So it would help if you could clarify your goal.

However, I can tell you that forum posting, etc., is not the way to go about it. Firstly, many forums, blogs and social sites mark external links as “nofollow”, as this forum does. Those links will not help with either PR or SERP. Even where these links are not nofollow, Google places little value on links which you can place yourself. Excessive “unnatural” link-building of this nature can actually harm your ranking.

There is a current thread discussing methods of natural link-building, which you might find helpful, but the bottom line is that you need great content other sites will want to link to.

Have you thought about purchasing an advertisement?

Hey man.

SEO isn’t a one shot success story - it takes several months for a campaign to bear fruit. You’re actually doing all the components of the campaign, so I suggest that you should continue doing it and play the waiting game.

I wouldn’t rely too heavily on PR - it’s value depreciated in recent months.

The site may be showing some links in the first page. It is difficult to get to first page on a specific keyword, but may try a group of keywords to be promoted, including long keywords.

I am agreed with mikhailblacer…You should do SEO things on going bases, After few month you will get the results…

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We can choose any of the strategy to boost pr of the site, but every inbound link should be dofollow and quality links, even should be with higher pagerank, but right now google is not updating the pagerank for the sites…

Got a Google source reference that describes the specifics?

Make Facebook and Twitter campaign .

Would you care to explain how that works? It is unclear from @richardrodriguez’s post whether he’s asking about PR or SERPs (and without further input from him, this topic is of limited usefulness), but as both Facebook and Twitter links are nofollow, I fail to see how your suggestion is relevant to either situation.

In any case, a clear explanation is always much more helpful that a one-line answer, so I’d appreciate some clarification of your idea.

May i know how the age of your company website? If it’s not older then 6 month your website will not proper position in google. Because in those time google not ranking a new website.

Also If your on page optimization and content are not well then your website may not in 1st page.

I agree on Miss Lina. Both On Page seo and off page seo are important to get higher ranking for your website.
On page SEO includes

  1. Include a Title tag for all pages

2)Include Meta Tag and Meta Description for all title tags

3)Use Alt tag i.e all the images should have proper alt tags

4)Customize the URL for each web page to help Google rank your website
Try all these steps

All The best
Ritika Mittal

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Well, Richard you need to be patient in this matter as SEO is a slow and time-consuming process. Simply focus on more high quality link submission sites, and do keyword research on your site. Plus, you should also do powerful advertising and marketing.