Why we expect more traffic from only Google?

Why we expect more traffic from only Google?

I believe most of the websites are expecting traffic only from Google. I don’t know, why? Still I am finding good answer from online through only Google.

I don’t know how to find the search results other than Google. I knew about Yahoo and Bing search engines but still I could not believe all the leading search engines. At the same time, I believe only google is the leader of search engines to make everything is possible for us.

Am I right?

[font=calibri]My own experience is that Google is very good at finding what I want, whereas Bing is not. My mobile defaults to searching in Bing, and sometimes it comes up with the goods but as often as not I have to fire up the web browser and go to google.com, which will usually bring up the page I want near the top of the list.

On my website, about half the traffic comes straight from search engines, and over 90% of that comes from Google. That isn’t because my site does dramatically better in Google than other search engines, it’s because most people use Google.[/font]

Google traffic to some level has been constant through out the years. At least in my business. I had one problem, but it seems it is leveling nicely. I am not sure what is your question. There is much more to internet. There are websites and social sites that can attract more visitors in one day than Google in a month, but as I said Google traffic is constant with small fluctuations.

Google has more search volume than any other search engines, due to its quality and relevancy results for users search query. Google frequently updating its search algorithm to provide quality results and demote spam results on Google SERP.

I wonder if that’s true, but it’s not about the many results, Google is an outstanding search engine because it has an algorithm with more then 200 factors which inspect your website… so every word, query, string you type in the search enginge gets you the best answer on top… And Google updates a lot faster then Bing… so that are some reasons why people use Google instead of Bing…

Google provides the best possible search results than other search engines. People trust Google more than others. Google is providing the most number of potential leads to the businesses. This is why we all wants to get good ranking at Google and we are always looking for Google traffic.

There are many ways on how you receive traffic.

Direct traffic if your url is already familiar to your customers that they type your link directly on your web browser’s address bar. If they already bookmarked your website’s url because they already found it useful they want to access it with just one click. The list goes on and on how your website could get traffic.

So why do we expect more traffic from only Google?

Actually, not only are we expecting traffic from Google, but from other Search Engines as well. As replied by others, Yahoo and Bing are also good traffic sources, but Google is undeniably one of the usually used Search Engines. One good indicator of this is how “google” word is now being used as a verb now becoming synonymous to the terms look, and search.

I suppose it also depends on your target customers, where do you suppose will they go to look for answers on their particular need? If the answer is Google, might as well do something to generate more traffic there. :slight_smile:

Google provides relevant as well as accurate result to their users so people would love to go on Google rather than other search engine. As per the survey, more than 80% searches have been covered by Google so obviously we can expect much from it.

Google has about 78% share of search engine users worldwide, so, if you don’t work on getting organic traffic from Google, there is little you can achieve online.

Most of the websites are eagerly waiting to get organic traffic from Google’s Search Engine. Why? I was thinking about it yesterday but I could not find the reason. I know the Google Search Engine is the leader of all the search engine. Now, msn has changed its search engine as bing.com but still google is dominating the search engine world.

If you agree or not. Please let me know.

OP you are asking question and in the next para you are answering your question yourself … lollzz

Check up the latest statistics below concerning the Search Engines Market Share:

[TABLE=“width: 340”]
[TD=“align: left”]Google
[TD=“align: right”]88.8%[/TD]
[TD=“align: left”]Bing
[TD=“align: right”]4.2%[/TD]
[TD=“align: left”]Baidu[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]3.5%[/TD]
[TD=“align: left”]Yahoo
[TD=“align: right”]2.4%[/TD]
[TD=“align: left”]Ask.com[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]0.6%[/TD]
[TD=“align: left”]Other[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]0.5%[/TD]

Keep in mind though that Baidu is the most dominating search engine in China. Thus, for a Chinese this chart would look differently. The same goes for Russia as they mostly use Yandex.

Returning back to your question, yes Google is dominating right now but it is not the only source of web traffic.

The importance of social media is increasing day after day and that is something for you to keep in mind if you are doind any kind of marketing.

All the Best!

@kronomia, would you mind sharing the source of the statistics on your post? Might be a helpful source for future write ups in case. :slight_smile: And yes, I agree with you that social media should be kept in mind in terms of marketing, because it is a good traffic source.

Hoping for your fast feedback, and just use (dot) on the links in case it isn’t allowed to link drop. Thanks in advance.!

I believe that most of the websites are expecting traffic only from Google because it is one of the best search engine.Still I am finding good answer from online through only Google.
Google provides relevant as well as accurate result to all the users so people only find accurate and correct information through Google rather than other search engine. 80% searches have been covered by Google so obviously we can expect much from it.

I am glad that was helpful. Actually i am not a fan of sharing links on sitepoint, it is against the regulations i guess and they will always take it as a promotional act.

You can Google such statistics online easily and even get a daily updated versions on some sites. Don’t waste your time around statistics though, just focus on your work.

All the Best!

We expect traffic from Google just because we found best results here. Google is only search engine which is working against unethical promotion of website. Please have a look on this post may be you found your answer.

Each search engine provide guideline to make your website better. You should follow them.

Yes you are absolutely right Solanzz,
Google is the leading search engine and Google is updating their terms and conditions and Algorithms according to the new technologies and according to the views of visitors.
So that Google is leading the today’s world.

From my experience our company <snip> getting traffic only from google. In yahoo also our company is listed but no traffic from yahoo.