Best Practice Link Building : How Many Links per Article?


I am wondering about what is the best practice in 2018 for linkbuilding articles and the number of links within the article. All I can find online is either outdated or “LB for beginner” type stuff, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here.

So far, I have been mainly trying to include two links per article when doing an exchange (Mostly branded anchor towards homepage and long tail towards deep pages). However, I am unsure if this is the best course of action.

Lately, it seems that the trend is for webmaster to try to hide the fact that they are participating in links exchanges (ABC linking, Non commercial articles etc) and I feel that adding two links in the article make this rather obvious. If am writing content on my own site, I may have one outgoing link toward another site if they have something interesting to say, but I am not going out of my way to include more, it provides no value to my reader or to me.

Moreover, it is my understanding that the more outgoing link on a page and the more the link equity is divided between the recipient pages. It may vary depending on the websites, but in my case, I gain more by generating traffic through deeper pages rather than by trying to get my homepage to rank for these keywords.

I am tempted to only insert one link towards either the homepage or a deep page, what do you think about it ?

That’s the bottom line. Links should be there to provide added value for your visitors. If you have no relevant links to add, don’t add any. If you have a dozen, and they’re all of interest or use to your audience, include them all.

The up-to-date advice on links is here:

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And also while making backlinks through Article, some article site has rule about how many link you can include in the particular Article.

Helpful up-to-date advice on links

no more than 2

On what are you basing that figure, @natasa_andjelovic200?

It makes no sense to me to say there is a limit (and especially such a low limit) on links. If I write an article where I have six things I want to link to because I think they are of interest to readers of my article, I’m going to link to all six. Why would I decide to link to only two?

No seriously. My general rule of thumb would be roughly to follow Wikipedia styling. A significant thing, place, time, etc, gets a link. A single link. The first time it’s mentioned. Footnotes/citations if necessary.

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I am of the opinion that having more than 2 outgoing links is not going to be penalized as well.

However, when you have referring domains to a page on your site, is the link equity not redistributed towards internal and outgoing links on the page? In that respect it makes more sense to try and limit outgoing links and prefer internal links instead (similarly to what Wikipedia does).

The links which are most useful to have are incoming links from other sites which have chosen to link to you because of the quality of your content. If you’re hoping others will link to you, then it seems to me only fair you should also be willing to link to other sites, where appropriate.

This is an old video from Matt Cutts, but the points he makes about not hoarding link juice and not obsessing over it are still relevant, I think.

could be penalized by google, that is my experience. Too much links will confuse your potential readers

It was probably something else you were doing to upset Google then. An arbitrary limit of 2 links on a page makes no sense at all. Just look at the number of top-ranking websites that have a dozen or more links per page. As for confusing readers I can see that happening only if the links are not clearly labelled or if they have little relevance to the rest of the page.

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Hi there, I think a single link does the Job of link-building. Creating two many back-links in a same article makes it unattractive and ugly. Reader will simply be distracted with those unnecessary links. Keeping the article clean allows a great response to article.

Having said that, if the provided link within the article adds value to the readers and enhances their knowledge on the subject matter, then you should go for it.

Same goes with Internal link building.