Best Places to Advertise for Free


I haven’t tried earning money through posting free ads, but after watching the list of sites i guess there are plenty of options and money as well in this field.

  • article submissions
  • comment on blogs
  • classified ads
  • directory listings
  • link exchange
  • forum posting
  • press release
  • socail groups - facebook, linkedin, etc
  • social bookmarking


As with most things, “you get what you pay for” - many free advertising venue’s have become so full of noise that they lose much of their effectiveness.

I think that is true.Does advertising on these free sites which are already overloaded brings any traffic?

In general, stay away from spamming on sites were you can advertise for free besides the fact that those sites already overloaded with ads. In the long run, it will not help your project: you get banned, bad reputation, etc. Basicly, you can advertise everywere: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums like Sitepoint and so on! Advertising on those sites shouldn’t be to obvious, but you always will have an option to put a web address, link… People notice you and will visit your site when you provide quality content!

Facebook can really work well as long as you’re subtle. There are very targeted groups in facebook, and a few good messages can really bring in some good traffic.

I found twitter is best for Best Places to Advertise for Free.

Talking about Good traffic. Can someone tell here the conversion rate of yahoo or google or any other example site??

So we have something to compare

What do you mean of the conversion rate?Is it the traffic rate on those sites?

Classified and link directory sites are not good at all!

The best free advertising you can get is though socializing and networking with other people in your field.


I meant a percentage conversion rate of traffic converted in sales

craigslist - cool place to adv, and see your messages deleted as soon as added…

I second youtube, make a simple video with your url as a watermark, be make sure that in the description the very first thing is your url, starting with http://
that way it will be a link even without clicking “more…”
it’s important to do that and also not to forget to add http:// otherwise it won’t be a link.

Posting articles on ezine magazine is free and very effect if you write your own articles

i use twitter for advertising my services…because i have a lots of followers

you can also try social bookmarking sites like digg and stumbleupom

There are craiglist submitter programs out there that allow you to post multiable adds rather then manually posting each one. I have tried a few, but most are poorly written, I have heard of a few people use, but they cost a few hundred dollars.

Not a big fan of classified postings. Your ads will disappear in those sites after a certain period of time.