Best Day for Press Release

With Thursday the strong day of the week (site has to do with personal finance) we would like to issue a release at the optimal weekly time.

As our first release, how much time does it generally take to get picked up by the engines and main sites (broadly speaking) after being put out? We’ll need to add review time of about a day.

I think any week day is about the same for press release. Search engines usually pick up press release fairly quickly. Took less than a day last time I submitted a press release.

If you’re only goal is search engine links that may be true but if you want actual visibility you need to be out when people writing and people are reading.

There’s no magic day and different industries do respond differently but you can rule out some bad times like Fridays (less editors around although reading can be higher), weekends, and evenings (use EST as your local time when dealing with the press for the US).

Most companies release mid week, early morning and follow up with aggressive pushes to their media contacts to run in that morning’s update cycle.

Search engine does not considered to a day for press release, content matters to it.

But the press does and that’s where the opportunity really is… Hence the name