Cheap Domain and Hosting for your site

Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you that there are sites that offer free web hosting on the internet.And the quality one,in my first time I just bought domain for $9 and redirected it to free web host (where I uploaded my site.). Once I made some money, I bought the real host but the point is that you ‘‘test’’ your site on a free web host because you don’t want to spend more money then you’re going to earn on the failed project.


After you’ve ruined your reputation by displaying the “free hosting” adverts within your website? I don’t think so.

Stephen (felgall) has made numerous posts to the effect that “free hosting” actually costs a webmaster far more than shared hosting … and I agree with him! Use SitePoint’s search function to find some of them.



I’d personally never use free hosting, just seems like a bad idea to me. I’d rather pay a few bucks and have my own hosting with what ad I want to put on it, or none if I choose.

Hosting is so darn cheap now a days, why would you still compromise for Free Hosting?

I got a decent webhost with all day chat support for €6/year. That’s so totally worth it.

Well, for some things a free hosting may be ok to use, but a lot of hosting companies offer 30-day money-back on their paid packages, so the free options aren’t that useful for “testing”, especially on a project that you expect to make money from.

I think host gator is good for cheap hosting