Question on VPS

I see lots of post here on Gator and i was thinking about getting one of there VPS plans. I was green and did not know better when i purchased a un plan from go daddy and now my site is using 150-200GB in bandwidth a month and need to do something different

Anyone have any thoughts on this ?

I’ve had experience with HostGator’s regular and reseller hosting without any problems whatsoever. Great support team, uptime, and added features! But the VPS services they offer seem to be just a bit overpriced to me. What is your monthly budget? I could suggest good hosts based on that.

Hmm budget what’s that, lol… My site is a good money maker so spending some money is ok with me, of course cheaper is better.

I looked at they are $60 a month for a decent amount on a VPS plan.

I did sign up for the VPS (managed) on gator ($40.00 a month) the other night the level 3 plan (which now I am thinking about cancelling). Now I have the VPS loaded but feel completely overwhelmed after logging in and looking at the control panel. The guy on the phone says they will merge my files over but there may be additional cost to it but they won’t know till I open a ticket and start the process.

After talking to the folks at Liquidweb they seem like they are very helpful and will set it all up for me but the issue I am having with them is I cannot seem to get a straight answer on MySql.

Example Hostgator says unlimited MysQL databases (sure that’s an overseller)

Liquidweb says they will do all they can to get my MySql loaded to my VPS with then, lol what the hell does that mean ?

Which is what has started this new headache in my life.

I know very little about this stuff and everything I know I have taught myself over the last 2 years. I put up a site on 10/10/11 that is basically SMF based and now I have over 2500 members and I am burning a minimum of 140GB of bandwidth a month.

I switched file folders on my server the other night to put it on the correct domain name then the next day I did a MySql back up and my back up file 3 days earlier was 42MB then the new back up was only 14MB (ooops something went wrong somewhere) after having the busiest weekend yet.

Talking to some people on SMF forums I feel like the issue is with Go Daddy and I am at a complete lost now.

I know I need to move to VPS plan if after 3 months I am all ready burning that kind of bandwidth but really I had no clue this would happen and now clue how to solve the issue without killing my customers with downtime etc……

Help I am slamming my head into the desk and the people at the local liquor store are starting to know me by my first name now and sleep is so missed in my life right now.

Ok thanks for listening I am sure this was not the reply anyone would expect to see but sometimes one needs to just type/vent. Ok coffee and nodose pills are running low need a refill.

Judging from what you’ve mentioned I think you should expect to spend upwards of $35 or so per month.

Here is what I’ve noticed from looking at Liquid Web and other company websites:

* - Cheaper VPS hosting, good bandwidth allocation (1TB or 1000GB at the lowest plan), and takes only 2 levels to get to 700+ MB of RAM (recommended for cPanel). Unmanaged but you can contact them if you need full or partial management options. Multiple backup add-ons are also available and you have more choice over the VPS size. Uses a custom control panel for the VPS. The size is limited to 16TB bandwidth at the maximum plan. No complaints.

* - More expensive, bandwidth is comparable with the disk space but not outstanding, and it takes 3 levels to get to 700+ MB of RAM (again recommended for cPanel). Fully managed if you get level 3 plan or higher. Only backup option is the built-in HostGator one, it’s off-site so it should be reliable. Uses VIRTUOZZO Power Panel for management (learning curve?). The size is limited to 3TB of bandwidth at the maximum plan. Have heard complaints about the VPS service.

* - Cheaper than HostGator for pricing, bigger bandwidth allocation (500GB at the lowest plan), it takes 2 levels to get to 700+ MB of RAM (for cPanel). Fully managed support according to their site (not managed just good support?). Backups every other night, not much detail about that. Uses Virtuozzo PowerPanel like HostGator. The size is limited to 5TB at the maximum plan. No complaints that I know of… no pun intended.

* - Seems like the most expensive out of the 4, generous bandwidth but the price reflects it, and it takes only 1 level to get to 700+ MB of RAM (for cPanel but didn’t see cPanel price listed). Full management available but again no price for that. I don’t see anything about backups. Also don’t see anything about a VPS control panel. The size is limited to 2TB of bandwidth at the maximum plan but it looks like they can create a custom plan. Have heard a complaint from one of my clients about their service.

I didn’t list prices since each host has different prices based on what software you may require. Best of luck with picking one! I may not have personal experience with all of these companies but you can decide for yourself. Obviously there are a ton of other companies out there but these are the 3 I’ve spent the most time around and learned about, I stuck Liquid Web in there since you mentioned it. Note about the unlimited databases thing, it just means that they won’t limit you to a certain number, you still will have to stay within your disk space limits.

Hopefully those mini-reviews will help cut down your alcohol/coffee/caffeine budget :smiley:

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Good luck