Before starting SEO

I am a not totally new to search engine optimization… i know this question been asked previously anywhere in this community…

but just wanna know … how to execute a well plan online marketing strategy for business…

please correct me … if i’ve said it anyhow wrong…


First of all download any seo book and learn about basic terms, then starts from Offpage and Onpage. Try to read more and more about how search engines work and which things are good for your website ranking.

It’s good to see someone starting with the right question!

The first stage of a business plan is to think of how your site is going to make money. Do you have an actual offline product or service that you sell? Is your content so unique and specialised that people will pay a subscription for it? Do you anticipate being able to sell ad space directly to other websites or organisations? Is there scope for referral links? Or, the fallback option, a generic ad service like Google Adsense.

Work out what the cost of setting up and maintaining the website is likely to be, in terms of time and other expenses. How much revenue will the website need to generate before it is making money? How many visitors a day will you need in order to hit those revenue targets? Are those visitor numbers plausible, given the competition out there?

If you’ve done that and you believe you can make a worthwhile profit on the site, you should have started to figure out where your money is going to come from - what type of people, what topics or pages, how they might find your website, and so on. And that puts you in a much stronger position when you start on SEO and SMM.

Another thing to look at your text content making sure it provides relevent information using language that your customers might use in search queries.

I usually use a timeline when it comes to planning an online marketing strategy for the business. Focus on the possible conversion of sales and target your customers according to their location and this is to lessen the high competition on the market.

If you already have a plan I’m sure you already have a goal which is very important. @StevePoster ; is correct, timeline too is also essential. With this you will be able to monitor and eliminate strategies that you think is not helping you. If you think you are on the right track then continue doing it, but do not stop discovering other possibilities that you think will make you stand out.

Before starting SEO you should start with On page task for SEO and then start with Off page tasks, On page is the core part before starting SEO.

I think Before Starting SEO you Complete the On page Seo like
Meta Title tags
Meta Description Tags
Meta Keyword Tags
Meta ALT tags etc.

Please read the question:

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I want to share my personal experience.I discuss it with some my online friends who are professional in online marketing field and discuss on some other forums.Everybody said that identify your niche,keywords and region where you want to target your website over internet.

I will said to you same for successful online campaign.Start with lwo budget and increase it with conversions.


  1. Choose the right niche that you want to invest in.
  2. Prepare your quality unique content.
  3. On-Page SEO.
  4. Promotion, Marketing and SMM.
  5. Keep updating your site frequently and engage with yours fans and members.
  6. SEM - Search Engine Marketing helps a lot at this stage to increase the maturity of your site.
  7. Connect with other related websites and build relations when possible.
  8. Invest in video marketing.

Those are the most essential steps that you need to address throughout the lifespan of your online business.

lately I have been more and more in favor of less pages, many more words per page. I’m talking 2000+ word articles. Google seems to pick up a lot more long tail matches and rank you even without any links for those valuable, low traffic key terms

You cannot become perfect overnight, but surely you can follow blogs and suggestion from search engine land, and top marketers too. That will help you built a better plan and than execute it.

That is really true! SEO is a slow process but should must be start with proper planning and a strong onpage. Making the website user friendly is also included in this task. If everything done properly then you must see results soon.

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