What is the beginning point of SEO?


Please, tell me the beginning point of SEO.

Google’s SEO starter guide


i would start with on-site optimization. you can review your site on woorank.com to get all the things you need to fix.

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The first rule about SEO is that you don’t talk about SEO.


How about creating QUALITY content… (And lots of it.)

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I think the first, you you understand, what is the SEO ? If you understand, i think you don’t ask anything.

First step of SEO is Analysis of Website.

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Hello nazmulph

If you know some basics of SEO then you should have to start
from competitive research. In competitive research you will get to know what
your competitors are doing and on what keywords they are working. After that
start with off page optimization, then go for On page optimization along with content
marketing on blogs and social networking sites and with on-page continue doing posts
on social media sites also.
for some basic idea you can also go through this link - google’s SEO start guide

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you can find it on google, but i think first you have to analysis your competitors and then start your seo

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The beginning point of SEO is When you get to know “what is On Page SEO and What is Off Page SEO”


You have to start with on-page SEO. If your site is not good enough, use some tools to improve it.
If it is on wordpress its easy, because there are a lot of products for improving.

First start with on-page, than off-page.

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Nice guideline. Thanks.

  1. Your objective : Traffic, keywords, search ranking.
  2. Your target: who, what, where
  3. Competition for your objective

Draw out what you are aiming for and the steps for execution.

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Check the On page issues and Resolve them, is the beginning point of SEO.

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I think the beginning point of SEO are Analytics Review, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Technical Site Analysis, On-Page Analysis.

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Can you help me how can i expat in SEO. because i am very interested to learning advance SEO.please reply and help me.

Welcome to the forums, @jobaer1939. You are asking in the wrong thread. This discussion is about beginning SEO. You might be more interested in the discussion here:

People are simply overdoing it with SEO. Just focus on things that you love. Write about them. Share them with your friends, with your family. Over time, if you are any good, your following will increase. If there is anything you need to be considered with, its the blog itself. Trust me, people can smell success story. Do not paint the car with flames if you are not sure if it will even run.


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Thx man :slight_smile: Revamped archaic sayings :smiley: