Online Business?

Hi guys,

am planning to start a business online . . . i know online business is in demand since it was started. . . What do i need?

Say too general
Want the help of other sales platforms, or make their own station?
Either way, first of all be prepared are you are going to sell the product information

Starting an online business is alot easier than a more traditional brick and mortar business but the thing they both have incommon is that you need avery good plan on how your goingto advertise them. Since its much harder to get “walk by” traffic online that it is off .An effective advertising stratagey is even more important online than off.

You need to find a good project first!


  1. You need a website (usually, but sometimes you can find a turnkey biz, see sig).
  2. You need to choose a product or service to sell.
  3. You need to learn how to get targeted traffic to your site.

That’s about it.


Hi you will also need some important marketing tools such as ad trackers , spalsh pagesthat is very important you need to be able to tell what advertising is working and what isnt so that your not wasting your moneyand lead generators and management tools are good to.

Some of them :slight_smile:

  1. Product
  2. Website
  3. Traffic

Well you need to develop effective advertising strategy to promote your product. You will have to use proper marketing tools to do online business and Features of your product must attract customers. I agree that the Internet Marketing concept is gaining rapid popularity. We use online advertising to build our business and to grow our sales. Even i use online advertising to sale my product.I promote my business using fullservice ad and you know i notice rapid growth in my business.Its really helpful.

You should start a online business in your expertise field, you should be well aware of all the things related with the business you are starting,

Some Good research will help you.

Integrated your offline business into online business. If you dont have offline business than you can start make what you interest in and start make an online business. Just understand what you want to sell, is there anyone need it, and start promoting.

An online business will extend a business’ reach to more prospects they can market to. Entrpreneurs realize that there is a huge opportunity on the internet to market to their prospects – it’s also cheaper. But, this no small project. Making a professional online presence requires plotting and organization. Here are 10 steps you need to follow to launch a business online.

There have been quite a few of these threads recently so I would highly recommend you look back over such questions, but one website which I constantly point out to people starting their own business or freelance / solo venture is the following (hope it’s as useful to you as it is for me)…

maybe you can join in affiliate program,such as amazon, just using blogger, you can earn money.

You need to study the process of online business. Including SEO process and Internet Marketing strategies… Just keep on participating in webmaster forums.

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Online business is one thing which is a lot famous now a days and of course you can earn online but you need to have a well planned strategy for that… you can definitely go in for this… All the best!!!

Hey guys

If you are interested in internet marketing business you need the right internet marketing tools.

you can start it with a affiliate marketing or partnership program, once you are expertise you can start your own business

i would suggest you start studying marketing, because there are so many subtle aspects you have to know about selling…

but definitely you need desire, money ready and PATIENCE!

you will have to advertise your business a lot and consequently- hire people and pay money to them… first few months you may be in loss but if you do evth in a right way- your income will invade you)))))

I can attach a website template of one of the good on-line business examples)))

good luck