Anyone got an example of a great paying website

Anyone got an example of a website that is designed to make as much revenue as possible. I have couple of domain names that would attract traffic . But not sure what would be the best way to make money from them.

I have adsense setup already.

That’s probably the website that is set up to make the most money!

You need to be more specific. Do you simply want to see a website that makes money then copy it?

Why don’t you stop taking the lazy way out. Develop your own sites. Use the domain names that you say will attract traffic and get some content on them. Then monetize them by reading previous posts and do a bit or research. No-one (serious members) is simply going to offer to give you all the answers.

lol, I would agree with Scotlandforvisit. What’s better than a search engine where people search the website where it brings up many clickable links that include some paid sponsored links near the top of the listings and on the side.

I would recommend you to work with some affiliate program.You also may work with cpa network like cpalead-with this network many people are making lots of money by using the traffic of their sites and blogs.

Depends on what your website does I guess. Traffic intensive sites allow you to make quite a bit from ads. For lower traffic sites then marketing products as an affiliate helps

Could you mention the topics covered by your domains?
Monetization depends a lot on interests of users that represent the traffic.

go to and check the top 1000 sites
all of these sites are making good money

as it was mentioned before I would point another one:
However I think you should understand that design helps in sales but it’s not the only factor. Marketing, brand awareness, returning visitors that’s what selling.