Best way to monetize a blog?

what is the best way to monetize a blog? adsense or something else?

Most people aren’t going to pay for a subscription with so much quality free content out there, so yes, selling ads is pretty much the only/best way to monetize a blog.

well not quite you can write reviews about affiliate programs, adsense, (kind of advertising) CPA programs, PPD programs etc…

You can use adsense,kontera,infolink ,clickbank, cpa or more to make money with your site. However, the most important thing is getting traffic to your site.

You dont mention anything about how much traffic you get to your Blog but if its a popular one i guess adsense,adbrite or clicksor are the best options.

Think of monetizing your blog only when it has started getting good traffic. Once it has, you can integrate Google Adsense/Adbrite & monetize the same effectively.

I used google adsense in monetizing my blog.

Adsense is the simple and best way to monetise your blog. The other ad networks are not as efficient as adsense.

I use Adsence and DoubleTrader.

Selling your own products is the best way to monetize a blog. Build an opt-in email list and then market an information product that you created yourself or get a ready-made product such as the ones you find on EbookBizBox

If you can brand a product of your own advertise and sell it on your blog.

IMHO Adsense is best but you can also use good cpa offers or Amazon widgets.

I think AdSense and other programs similar to it. Amazon has one as well.

AdSense, Clickbank, Tradedoubler, Adbrite - there are many to choose from. Check them out to see which advertisers would fit best with your site.

Google ads is the best,and you can choose some other afiili program which is relate with your blog topic.