Basic Photoshop Colours for Web Help Please


I am trying to convert a PSD to HTML for a client…

The problem is when I am saving some areas of the PSD I choose the “Save for web” option, but the colours completley change contrast?

Is there an option I am missing here? I know IE can’t handle some colours but surley they shouldn’t output a different shade altogether?

Here is an example:

An image saved with normal File >Save As…colours show as in PSD:

The image saved with File > Save As for Web…shade is completely different colour:

Now I know IE can’t handle the colours in the first picture so it displays it incorrectley, hence why I chose the Save as for web option…but should the colour come out such a different shade?

I will have to inform my client as they won’t expect it to look so different?

Thanks to anybody who can help.

Both of those images sample as R=27 G=98 B=170 for me. If there is a difference then the eye dropper is lying to me or something else is happening. They both have sRGB profiles so they’re using the same colour space too. You sure you uploaded the right files?

Sorry I should have asked what you are intending for the images.

Are you trying to match a background colour with hex colours? Or are you just having troubles with the export for Save for Web?

Which format (gif, png, jpg) and settings are you using to export for the web?

Firstly, both of those images are identical to me as well, I checked using my color scheming app.

Secondly, I’ve always found that export to web in any Adobe product is a buggy and poorly implemented experience. You would probably be better slicing up or separating the images and saving them (as required) - or in the case of single color images like the above using a flat background color rather than an image and hand coding the design around the needs of the content and design. Converting a PSD to HTML should never be done through the export wizards. :slight_smile: