Discrepancy in colour between PSD and browser

Hey all,

So I’m working on a site and the color picker gives me #cda349 which I’ve set to my body colour.

However in the browser it’s a completely different shade and pretty noticable.

Have a look, the browser is the top left and the PSD is the rest of the image.

Any ideas why this may be?

It’s got a lot to do with monitor color settings and perhaps your Adobe color profiles. I must admit, though, that I find this all very confusing. But you can Google “calibrating your monitor” and perhaps “Adobe color settings” to find out more.

Could be that the problem is with your Photoshop settings (I don’t know which ones or where – sorry, can’t find anything in color settings or prefs). My photoshop renders cda349 much closer to your browser color than your photoshop color.

You know what, that does kind of make sense that it could be to do with the colour profiles. I borrowed a colour calibrator from someone about 2 weeks ago and let it do it’s thing, so I guess I need to read into it a little bit more to see how I can get Photoshop to match the browser and what affects it.

Will have a google and see what I can find! :slight_smile:

Three articles I can recommend:


Cheers for the helpful links!

Will have a read of them. Turns out it was to do with the PS colour profiles, I went to ‘Edit’ -> ‘Colour Settings’ and there were a few different presets in there, including one called ‘Monitor Colour’ which had the ID of my monitor in there, perhaps it was created when I ran the colour profile tool last week, not too sure.