Learning PSD to HTML 'Save for Web' Help


I’m learning to convert PSD’s in photoshop to HTML and CSS layouts.

However when I get a PSD am I correct in saying that most of the time the colours in the PSD aren’t ‘web friendly’ ?

For example I recieve a PSD and crop just the header. Then I go to save the image for use as a bg image in my CSS but use the ‘Save for Web’ option. This completley changes the shade of the colour that was in the original PSD.

Is this normal and correct? So I can say to my client that the colours aren’t appearing as in your PSD because they aren’t web friendly?

Without looking the PSD it is not possible to me to comment on this issue. Feel free to contact me for discussion in details. :wink:

There are 2 issues here. Firstly you need to know the colour space of the source material (is it RGB or CMYK, does it have a colour profile associated with it) as this determines how photoshop interprets the colour. Secondly you need to know what kind of file you are spitting out for the web, how many colours it is using and whether there is a colour profile attached to that (see webgodjj’s reference to sRGB above).

Essentially if you know the process that Photoshop is using to interpret colour of the files you receive (eg you get a commercial logo as an EPS in CMYK) then you are best able to match the file you spit out for the web. In this example it is unlikely that you could ever match the two, but there will be a big difference in how close you come without resorting to the visual ‘it looks about right’ approach.

I sometimes have the same issue and it clears up if I uncheck “Convert to sRGB”.