Backup & Shifting of Website

Hi, can anyone suggest me how to shift website from Linux to Windows server?
I tried shifting my website but it was showing a 500 error while doing it. So, for now, I moved back it on Linux.

You don’t give much information about your migration. For one thing, what server are you using on Linux and what server on Windows? What language(s) have you used in your website? (Okay, so that’s 2 things!)


I am not a professional don’t know much about coding. Website is on Wordpress and Linux and Windows both purchased from Godaddy Hosting services. This is a website

Have you tried to contact your hosting provider’s support service. They can probably help you get on the right track with this issue.


This site gives you steps to go from Wordpress to a self-hostes site:

Firstly , you have to remember to back up regularly and it can take a long time to download a big website.

Let’s keep this thread on-topic.

The question is specifically about moving a WordPress site from GoDaddy’s Linux hosting to GoDaddy’s Windows hosting.

Have you posted a question in the GoDaddy Community Forums? Or just call GoDaddy.