How migrate wordpress website from shared hosting to VPS hosting


please I’m not very experienced in hosting.
I want migrate my website from shared hosting to VPS hosting or Dedicated Servers.
1/ wich one is better VPS hosting or Dedicated Servers?
2/ how can i transfert my domain name, the contained on my website and my sql database without losing any thing and without creating from the beginning.
My website (created with wordpress)

Hope that i find an answer clear and detailed forasmuch i’m not experienced.

Thank you.

  2. Read #1 first. :smile:

Your domain will have a login portal where you can point it to the new hosting account. Before doing that, your website’s control panel will often have a button that lets you bundle up the whole site, database and settings, and then it’s pretty easy to transfer it all over to the new hosting environment.

Are you staying with the same web hosting provider? If so then if you ask then they will probably move everything for you at no charge.

yess with the same webhoster

It,s is verry simple sir
Login to hosting panel example Cpanel login to cpanel and follow the icon backup generate full backup home directory and download on PC and connect filezila or any FTP client and upload on VPS or dedicated server root directory then login whm and follow backup option and click restore full back search uploaded user name file then start restore


Wordpress transfer practically requires wp-content folder and your database MySql backup … if you are having backup of your database as well as wp-cotent folder than you can easily shift from one cPanel to another … First of all check your host, may be they could help you out in this process …

If all that makes it sound difficult, then use your cPanel to make the transfer from one account to another. It’s that simple.



If you do not switch web hosting, then you do not need to worry. Your web host can do this for you.

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