I need help with moving a domain to a new server

Hello. So I have a new site all done and ready to go live with namecheap. I have a domain name on godaddy. To get it to work do I start by changing the nameservers on godaddy to point to namecheap? And then after that I change the site URL within my wordpress site and done, right?

I have not done this in awhile so sorry for my ignorance!


There is no need to change name servers. Just point the A record at go daddy to the IP of your website.

If you just want to be free and clear of godaddy it is a bit more complicated. You will have to unlock the domain at godaddy and then initiate a transfer at name cheap using the “transfer to us” link. Once it is transferred you will need to set the basic dns and point the A record to your site IP.

What do I search for on google for that? Could you give me a link?

I can’t switch domain name hosts so I’m stuck with godaddy. But in the past I remember having to change nameservers.


I recently went through this same process, its really not that hard, there two things i did:

  1. In Go Daddy domain dns settings changed the nameservers to namecheap nameservers
  2. From namecheap hosting cpanel i created a new addon domain and that set me up

Yes…i did the same with my websites. and it will take 1/2 days to take this effect worldwide. So, if you don’t see your website as you created with wordpress, don’t worry and wait for 1/2 days.

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