Backlinks for Page Rank 0 Sites - Any Penalty from Google?

I don’t know why? my site was getting 19,000 visitors daily now its gone down to just 2k to 3k. My site is not getting indexed for any of the popular keywords. what would be the problem.

In webmaster tools its showing. Links to my site is 42,000 links from 340 websites. In those 340 sites around 300 sites page rank is 0. Is that’s what the problem?

I use free backlink Builder tools like socialmonkee and voltsrank. Shall i use those sites or not.

Please help?

Have you done anything else to your site or just the link building?

No Penalty from Google if you use 0 PR websites for link building. you should re-optimize your sites.

IN my view, links from 0 page rank sites do not call for any penalty. Use of auto link submitter software can call for penalty.

I don’t think so. Maybe panda effected on your website. You should re-check your complete website from content onwards.

You must check the quality of the content you have on your website. Panda update by Google has been effecting the sites having duplicate or low quality content a lot. However some websites are getting huge amount of traffic as their SERP has been improved with this update.

I think you have to wait that Google will give you rankings… Patience is one of the key to PR

Just wait… you will get back on track. If not, you have to check your backlinks again… Google doesn’t care about PR, they want the website to be a genuine and reputed. May be they deleted your links ?

According to SEO experts doing creating backlinks to high reputation website are much better than to build in a low quality sites…

Link from PR0 websites would not certainly lower your ranking. Check for your competitors, they may have started doing SEO or doing better than you. Also there are changes in Google algorithm at frequent intervals.

Link backs from any type of site will not attract penalty from Google. SEO is a continuous process, if you stop your optimization efforts, you will start to slip in your rankings. You will need to continue with your efforts and try other thins apart from just link exchange.

I use to be same situation like you , my youtube video , was in second page for 1 month , and receive traffic from google , I bought backlink same as you , after 1 month I don’t know what happen , my video was no more in Google , now I better do backlink manually .

Hello friend. I have not seen this type of issue in SEO. There is no penalty from Google for site 0 page rank. But it may affect you site if you do link building on the websites having PR lower then your website. It may affect PR of your website. I do not know much about this. I have not read the google’s latest algorithm till now, I will search for that.