Attract more visitors into my forum

I’m webmaster from site revivalx dot com. I had a forum is about computer and web design. How to attract many visitors to come into my forum. I don’t know what strategy to use . With my humble , I’m begging from all of you, give me tips and advices that can give some improvement to my forum. This is my forum site, forumation.revivalx dot com.

Sorry, I’m not mean to advertise my forum here. I’m really need your help guys.:frowning:

You have consistently participate in other related communities. And make sure pour in content.

start by changing your site design

grey text on black background at very small font size is ludicrous

use social networking to promote your site and also article marketing is a nice way.May be a ppc advertising on adword or facebook can bring you lot of visitors.

I don’t want to use ppc advertising coz money issue. Another method guys? can u recommend where I can download good looking phpbb3 theme?How many communities I should participate?

You want to start a forum about computers and web design and one
of the first comments from an experienced member is basically that your

I think you are making a mistake here. Forums are NOT easy to startup.

You don’t even have a clue how to promote it!

Start a blog dude.

think out of the box,

Advertise about your forums and play some contest on your forums such as first 100 post or 500 post, you will surely succeed :slight_smile:

Bompa, I’m already had two blogs right now under my domain name. It is in my signiture, about computer and web design topic. Can u give url link that produce some good looking phpbb3 theme?

Hosting India, I’m ondaway to make it,thanks for your advice

You should not start a forum if you don’t have really good strategy how to attract new members. It makes as much sense as buying a new car and then asking questions “How to drive it? How can I get drivers license?”

Remember, NO site (forum) is always better than dead site (forum)

You can start sharing your forum links with your fellow community members or friends and ask them to rotate it in their friends circle and more over do promote your forum where ever possible in social networking, bookmarking and forums tooo …

Thanks and have a gr8 year ahead…
Happy new Year!!!

u mean inner circle strategy? I had think about that lately. start at least 100 posts to make forum be attractive.

You can participate in same niche forums to promote your forum mean while publish more press release and article about your forums

Honestly I don’t think it works anymore.

Start with Paid Forum Posters, they work like dirt cheap and they will post a lot to get that snowball affect needed to run a forum. They also offer many services. There are some great companies out there and then there are some companies that are poor stay away from forumbooster for instance. But all the other ones I hired did a great job. Sometimes I would get page long responses for only $0.10 (ten cents). It was great, become friends with them.

If you can’t afford something like that you may want to reconsider your idea because the time investment for you and only a few people is too tough in this competitive industry.

Do paid forum postes really create HIGH quality posts? :?

First of all, to get more visitors, make your site with good looking design and more matter. Then, try to advertise your site in free forums. Try to offer something to members at the starting.

So, they join. Attract with contests and prizes.