Article writing?

I am Weak in English. How can i improve my article writing. ?

Practice makes perfect. :slight_smile: Keep reading, writing and studying.

Be strong in English by reading, writing newspapers…

Practice makes perfect.
List the things that you want in basic order, like introduction, body, summary.
Use your native language when creating the idea at first…then translate to english.
Use spell and grammar checker.
I use instant article and white smoke…my english is good but they still help.

[font=verdana]As well as reading as much English material as you can, another good tactic is to try writing something, and then ask a native English speaker who is good with language to read it over and make suggestions as to what is good, what needs work, what would be better and why. Like most languages, English is full of subtleties and even if you can perfect your vocabulary and grammar, it can be very difficult to get the right tone and to make it sound natural.

A good example is … a lot of people here write messages that start “According to me, [insert opinion here]” … and that gives the game away that there’s a 99% chance they aren’t native English speakers. Now there’s nothing wrong with that phrase – it’s grammatically correct and it makes perfect sense – but it just isn’t a phrase that English speakers would use.[/font]

[FONT=verdana]What are you actually planning to write? If you simply want to write some personal blog posts or social media content, then I’d agree with the suggestions you’ve been given.

But your thread title mentions articles. Are you hoping to write professional articles for sale, or to promote a business? If so, and if English is not your native language, then I’d advise you to think carefully before you go any further. If the quality of the writing is important, it might be better to write in your native language, and to pay an experienced translator to translate it for you. (This is no reflection on your own language skills. My point is that it’s difficult for non-native speakers to achieve a high quality. You can put a lot of effort into improving your skills and still not achieve your goal.)


I’ve been seeing a lot of those users who use “according to me” instead of “in my opinion,” or something along that line. Anyway, onto the thread starter’s question, practice DOES make perfect, as mentioned by Ralph. You can then ask for the help of that native English speaker that Stevie D was talking about, to proofread whatever you’ve written, then compare what you’ve written to the proofread version. That way, you’ll know how you’re going to write better the next time around. I was going to say that you can use the typical word processor with the grammar checks to work on your grammar, but there are some of them that don’t really spot the errors, so the best bet is to have a proofreader check your content.

[FONT=verdana]Yes, but be sure to find someone who has good communication and language skills. Unfortunately, the majority of native English speakers don’t have a clue about spelling, punctuation or grammar, and are incapable of expressing even simple ideas in their own language. Find someone who knows how to write, and how to communicate.


reading articles can help you improve writing skill. you can learn more about writing style through reading. besides, that can help you create ideas about topic. after that you can choose a topic and write about it basing on the ideas.

Point taken. I have to agree with that. There are those native English speakers that are using slang more than the normal way of speaking it.

Writing a good article is a science. Academic writing requires the use of formal style, the use of correct punctuation and the construction of paragraph. Your ideas in each paragraph must be united, coherent and must be supported by correct evidences. These techniques are too technical for a beginner, therefore, it’s suggested to get an exercise writing book or watch instructional videos related to these topics.

For now, start your training by reading articles in blogs or in article directory. Simply read articles and observe its various styles: Is it written informatively? What perspective is used? Is it written in present or past tenses? It’s also important to observe the choice of words that are used. Some articles are written with friendly vocabularies while others prefer to use heavy words. By performing the techniques above, you can verify if your observation is right or not

Well first of all work on your English and after that you can start writing. You may use the best writing option “Blogging” which will make you habit to write something everyday.

The more you read the more you gain. By being fascinated with just about any subject out there, you will come in contact with the different kinds of contents. You will learn to use correct vocabulary while writing. So when it’s time to write an article, you will be more confident with your work.

I would suggest reading more and investing in a cheap English grammar pocket book. It’s helped me tremendously, and I still have a ways to go. Check out

Hi , If you are weak in English i would like to suggest to read the magazines daily ,if you are not able to grab the difficult words refer dictionary .This may help you definitely to form the sentences in attractive manner for effective article writing.

As others have said, you need to practice and really push yourself to always try and integrate something to do with English throughout your day, to ultimately improve your skills. I can’t imagine learning a new language is easy, much less being proficient in it, but in the case of English, it could definitely pay off. If you can afford a tutor, consider getting one, otherwise just keep striving to read/write better than you could the day before. The good news is you don’t need to learn that many words to be able to write quality articles, you just need to learn the right words and use them in the right manner to make what you’re writing appealing and fluid.

Continue to read and study English. Also, have another set of eyes read your content before it is published, this typically helps find most errors. There is also software available that will give you words to use when writing content, while also optimizing your blog or website for search engines, such as SEMLogic. You <snip>. It’s a great tool we have started using in my company. Hope this helps!

The process might seem long, but here is what I use:

Write -> Read -> ReWrite -> ReRead -> ReWrite -> Give to a friend in a relative field -> ReWrite -> ReCheck -> Approve -> Wait for 2 weeks -> Publish!

I co-wrote something a while back, take a read of this, Hope this helps.

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Not been writing for a while and now feel kind of bad, I think I need to get back in the game :slight_smile:

Speak it, write it as much as you can. Also, when you watch movies on your computer, don’t search for subtitles anymore, just watch them in English, it will be hard at first but in time you will get my point.

The first thing you should do is to learn or if you can, master the structure of English language. You must have a strong foundation on grammar and then widen up your vocabulary. And if it’s hard for you to write contents within your niche, concentrate first on the things you can easily write so that you can practice writing.