Article Submission and Social Bookmarking

Hi Everyone,

I have a doubt on SEO. I am writing a lots of articles. I am posting a lot in the articles directory. Whether I can share my own articles in the social bookmarking websites also as a part of link building exercise. If I can do, whether I can post the same article in different bookmarking sites.

I request answers from someone, who is doing this already.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t do this already, but I have doubts on submitting articles to article directories. Why would you want to write your own article, and then post the same article repeatedly on different sites, thereby creating duplicate copies of your content?

If you are writing your own custom articles, start a blog on your site and post the articles as blog posts.

I am not with article posting either, but any way, if you plan to post them to different places, i would suggest to rewrite them with using some synonymization software or script - to make it look different for SEs. Otherwise, it may have a negative SEO effect imo… at least, i’ve heard, many people use this posting that way…

I personally don’t submit articles to article directories, I’d rather create, publish it to my blog then promote… works better that way…

I am actually doing this as part of my link building exercise as I thought if we submit to many article submission directories, we would get more links. In return, we could bring the keyword to the top of google.

If it is wrong, kindly suggest.

Thanks in Advance

Getting link from the big article directories will help your site ranking, but if possible you should at least partially rewrite each article for each directory, unique title and change some of the sentences throughout. It is best if it is at least 50% unique, but I have some listed that are less than that and they are still helping me.

Well, have you checked your stats to see if this article sites are actually giving you back links or traffic? Different people find different success with articles. Some uses them on their blogs, some uses them on article directories. The effect of the technique on your site is something that we cannot determine as it can differ from seo to seo.

Yes, you can post the same article in different social bookmarking sites, actually whatever you doing about article submission is all about creating quality links which definitely help you to get good ranking in search engines as well as the keywords used in your article will help your site to become more visible on search engines. But you should not repeat the same article on same social media site.

Article marketing has been devalued over the years.

BUT, we are currently beta testing (feel free to test!) our new social bookmarking site for webmasters over at

Basically, the concept is this:

  1. You write an article containing 2 links to other pages bookmarked on

  2. You bookmark your page at

  3. You receive relevant backlinks from other pages being bookmarked after yours who would like to recgnise (or ‘Nodd’) your page.

As I said, it’s still in beta mode, but the early feedback has been good…



Of course you can. Haven’t you noticed all the SHARE buttons all over
the web, they are everywhere. Sharing is IN. Sharing is exactly what
the web 2.0 sites want. It used to be called Syndicating, now it’s sharing.


For article directories, there are a ton of them and the top 5 are: 

And for social bookmark sites, you can find:
Yahoo! Buzz

the best way to do it is to post it in your own blog first, let the SE crawl and index them for sometime so that the SE will identify that article is the original first. submit to article database after spinning/rewriting them. as someone mentioned above, you can try spin them as unique as 50% off the original one. my point of having them posted in your OWN blog first is just in case SE found out about duplicate articles, they will still rule out that the ones in the article database are the ones to be penalised. i think is better for the article database one to be penalise than your own blog. this is because your blog is your utmost priority.

Article directories work well. If you go with sites that are less than 50K alexa then there is enough traffic to the site that people who are interested in your topic are likely to read it. If you wrote it right they were intruqued enough to follow your link. That is besides any search results you may get if you did good keyword research and use them well. That is besides whatever Google thinks of the link. I only use dofollow directories so the keyword anchor text is probably at least pretty good. Articles are great for preselling and/or establishing expertise.

If a good site picks up your articles then you can contact them and offer original content for more links.

I also like guest blogging for much the same reason. Except I also like haveing people write original content for niche blogs. At myblogguest com there are lots of people sharing articles on blogs and the agreement there is only 100% original posts and not placed anywhere else.

Try submitting articles to directories, post on your own site and then place the LINK to the article on social bookmark sites.

I have made a lot of social bookmarking links disappeared after a few months. I wonder whether even make sense to work with sites that have bad PR? :nono:
Submission articles is quite another thing,in my case that is much much efficient link building method. :slight_smile: