Are you working in the most hated jobs?

I find this article surprisingly true… Share you ideas too…:slight_smile:

Most-Hated Jobs

Winky…there is no job to hate. All jobs are good. We want someone to perform corresponding jobs and how can anyone hate a job.

not really the hated job…

Well, we all to have a job but sometimes if a job doesn’t help you to improve personally, then you are starting to hate that job. If we get bored and a failure with our dreams sometimes we blame it to our job. I guess that is one of the point being considered in choosing the hated jobs.

ya i know if somebody could not find out the job accordingly but have to work for the job we getting it,frustration may occur but i thought u hv to try and take the positive thing from there as much as possible…and side by side try to find the job according to u…

If the person can’t find a good job…its not the mistake of the job. The corresponding guy have to find a better job which makes him happy. Getting into a wrong job and crying for improvement is worthless. If the guy is capable he can make his job enjoyable.

Senior developers reported a high degree of unhappiness in their jobs, attributable to a perception their employers are unable to communicate coherently, and lack an understanding of the technology.

sounds about right

I cant believe there are so many IT jobs listed. I would think getting higher wages in IT would help somewhat with any sense of dissatisfaction.

Any job could be the most hated. It just depends on if you enjoy your job or not. If you truly hate it then you should not be doing it no matter how much money you are making.

If you are good at some job, you definitely like it. And of course whatever you like to do, money comes as byproduct of joy.

A hated job for one person may be a job that rocks for another. Its not about the job itself but the person doing the job.

Anyway, if you are stuck in a “hated job” that pays quite well, you may want to work on how to love it. =)

I hate my day job. I do data-entry, double check numbers and other various clerical stuff. I often times repeat the same 5-10 minute process for 8 hours in a day. The work makes me feel like a mindless drone. Hell, sometimes I have trouble driving home after work because I can’t even blink due to the extreme florescent lights and starting at a computer monitor. My job pays less than half of what’s on that list. That list shows some high level careers. Many Directors of sales and/or marketing are often times payed extra for commissions (and hell, if you work for a company that has a hell of a product, it sells itself!). The median salary for a sales and marketing director is $130,000 a year according to!

LOL I have to agree entirely with that statement :slight_smile: Its impossible to hate a job that pays a lot of money lol I think the best job in the world is being an affiliate. Its so flexible and you can work from anywhere in the world, nothing could be better.

The article says “…According a survey of hundreds of thousands of employees conducted in 2011, CareerBliss determined the 10 most hated jobs, rated on a scale of 1 to 10.” I find that extremely hard to believe! Most of those jobs pay well and require little to no manual labor. I’m going to assume the survey was actually named 'The 10 Most Hated Office Jobs by Entitled Workers Who Should Stop Complaining as They Have NO Idea How Good They Have It" but CNBC edited it for their article.

Ask a prison guard, a warehouse worker, janitor, or the guy who digs ditches if he would take the salary and workload of the Director of IT!

I think the OP refers to jobs that are hated by others but may be enjoyable for you.

For example marketing and advertisiing may be interesting jobs but they are irritating for many people.