Are you satisfy with your work?

Many people choose profession due to condition.Only number of people make career to their passion or hobbies.Are you satisfy with your work?


I’m never satisfied. I am always discontent. It is a sad existence.

i am! at least for the moment… but there’s always a higher step to move on, no? :wink:

I have to say, I am satisfy with my work! Because it is a choice to one, who is just graduated!!

For the time being yes I am. Don’t know about the near or distant future.

I am finally satisfied with my current job, and as a result I’m really happy! I haven’t been happy with any of my previous jobs as I wasn’t getting the right level of challenge and it took me a while to learn what kind of organisation culture and work requirements would suit me.

I get passionate about my work, but I wouldn’t say it was my passion. I’m not sure that’s a good thing long term so I may try to change direction in the future (I’ve tried in the past, but I’m still not sure what direction I should take!) but for now I feel fulfilled by what I am doing.

yes , I agree with myself,whatever i do for my self…

yes i am satisfied with my work…i do work in that field which i want…

I think satisfied is not the correct term. I would say I am “happy” but there is some certain form of discontentment. But, that is ‘discontenment’ in a good way. Meaning I am not always satisfied with how I work. This pressures me to become better every time. This works for me.

Yeah, pretty much. I managed to make my hobby into my career.
I’m doing what I love and loving what I do.
Sure there are rubbish days, but the good ones outweigh them considerably.

And I’m so easily pleased, it’s appalling :slight_smile:

a little addition: just read this article about the 10 most satisfying jobs…interesting!

I choose my profession due to condition only as you said, but once coming into this field really i like this work

No. I’m never satisfied, they say working and studying are the same you should never stop learning and never stop dreaming. As long as your skills are improving you should always aim for a higher level. Don’t get stuck.

No i Will never get satisfied in my work because i have seen many people still growing their life because of their hardwork am still working hard but can’t find the path to my get settle down in order to see my destiny.

Yes, I am… and i am in my current profession for past 10 years. I am a web designer.

I love my work! And I’ll love it even more when I am earning a bit more :wink:

Mind you, I have enough to live on from another business which I don’t quite like as much… so, all in all, I am happy with how things are.


Let me expand on my earlier comment. That was more or less referring to life in general. When it comes to web design I am happy. I could make more money but money does not make one happy. It helps though. Web design is what gets me up every morning at 2am so that I can do it before work. Going on 10 years now. So I must love it. I love the challenge of coding something new. I do not enjoy working with graphics or tedious copy and paste jobs.

Someone just give me a nice, big, chocolate-chip cookie every day. That would help a lot.