What part of your job do you hate the most?

Mine is answering support tickets, hands down.
When I was freelancing, it was chasing up invoices.

Documentation. By the time I finish documenting something, I usually have to go back and revise it because something change.d Course, those changes tend to be implemented by me in the first place, so I’m kind of my worst enemy there…

Mine is sending updates and asking for payment. Its tiring and irritating.

while drowsy and out of ideas. and doing a lot of piles

Extra time without any payment i just hate it

Being ripped off. Thats happened to me a few times. Fortunately it hasn’t happened in a while, but when it does happen it ruins my whole day.

Unconditional surrender of design decisions because he/she said so.

Constantly having to answer the phone - especially those so-called “courtesy calls” from salespeople.


Yeah, random sales calls are pretty annoying–I almost forgot about those.

I have one company that’s been calling me almost every day for weeks. Since it’s a sales call, I don’t bother to pick up, and they never bother to leave a voicemail. :rolleyes:

In one of my previous jobs it was Man management and with websites its error checking forms etc.

Ugh. Ripped off how?

I would say constant interrumptions… also that people expect a lot for nothing.

Having to explain to the client why THEY wanted certain things done a certain way… :smiley:

Sitting on a chair,in front of computer and Doing the same thing every day…

Doing it, even I don’t want to

As a business owner and a web designer, the worst part is dealing with certain clients. They will try to get out of paying you at all costs so that is why I implemented a FULL upfront payment policy.

Time for another job?

My thoughts exactly

  1. Babysitting co-workers because they don’t want to put in the effort to fully learn the job or figure out the problem(s) for themselves.
  2. Having to try “something new” every time we get a new boss even though it didn’t work the last 10 times we tried it.
  3. Not being listened to or not being asked my opinion about a job I’ve done for over 20 years because I’m not management.
  4. Being told how to do my job by someone that doesn’t even know what my job is (again, management issue)…

The list could be a lot longer, but I think you get where it’s going…

Yes! I HATE that too.