What is a good Job?

Hi All in Community,

What is a good job according to you, somebody suggests that kind of jobs which paid you high salary, and someone suggests you should work in that job in which you have interest no matter how much you earned from it.
what you think, which job is a good, which pays you more or in which you have more interest.?

Both :grin:


Buddy ,if you have interest in your job,you can make money without any problem,
but if you are working only for money,and you are not enjoying your work at all,
i am telling you,you can never get a promotion in your job.
so, choose your job according your intrest.

“Both” is the general answer. There are, of course, far extreme exceptions (A job that pays so much that it completely outweighs satisfaction, and vice-versa), but those are exceedingly rare and not something that anyone should be factoring into their decisions.

Partially, I suspect the true answer is something a little more situational/nuanced than that. What situation are you in? Do you need money now? Then perhaps the better paying job is better for you in the short term. Are you looking for a long term job? Is the ‘more interesting’ job paying enough to be sustainable with your life? etc.


Hi there jobriyaa,

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

~ Mark Twain ~


I have had many jobs working for other people, some very well paid and the “good” ones being part of the Merchant Navy’s engineering crew because I was part of a team and able to visit many countries… until they became “Board of Trade aquaintencies” and just another port.

The more interesting jobs were when I became an entrepreneur and self-employed… until I realised I had many more bosses! I became an unpaid government employee collecting and submitting their taxes, also accountable to lawyers, accountants, local and/or national government officials.

The most satisfying jobs I found were just helping others. Perhaps I should have persued a medical career instiead of engineering.


based on your situation, interesting on the basic of stable income.
Without income, interesting is nothing.

A good job is one that you enjoy coming into work every day. What that means to you is totally dependent on the individual.

Money isn’t everything. I know I can probably get a job with a 50% raise somewhere, but I would hate my life and hate coming to work everyday. Stress would probably eat me alive, between red tape, incompetence, and workload. But I am paid fairly, my work is very enjoyable, I’m at the best company I’ve ever been to, they are very liberal with travel, I have relatively low stress, and I’m leading a very visible product. A raise of half my salary wouldn’t make up for all of that, as nice as it would be. Especially since I’m far from underpaid.


Well, to be honest, money can’t buy anything still without it you can’t even survive. So the best answer would be a good paying job where you actually enjoy doing hard work.


A good job is something you enjoy. Just because you don’t make a ton of money doesn’t mean its awful.

A good job is the job that you like. If you don’t like what you do, it will dry you, make you nervous.

Hard question,all of us tried a lot proffesions and with time we choose the best for us!

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Good Job means everything which make you make happy.
When your passion,develop as career.it will be difinitly be a good job.

Both. It would be nice really if you have a high-paying job that you love doing. But sadly, in reality, it is not always the case. So, most people I guess would choose a job that pays more. That’s more practical these days. We need to make ends meet after all. :grin:


the point is that if you have a job that brings you a lot of money but doesn’t keep you engaged, you’ll hardly succeed in it. Moreover, you’ll fail eventually.
However, if you find something of particular interest to you, one day it’ll pay you as much as you want.

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It’s a very important question I appreciate your effort you raise this question in this forum.I would like to tell you that First of all you should discover yourself you should know your Strength and weakness after that you should define your career. Your career should be what you love only in that case you can fulfill your destiny.

Combination of both. Honestly money matters.

I shouldn’t have said that but now money matters more then interest

It should defiantly be a job that your are happy in and enjoy. However, salary is still a big factor, especially if you bills to pay for and rent. In my opinion, try search for a job that you enjoy and still has a decent salary that you can live on. Never go for a min wage job, you will be facing many difficulties with your lifestyle and start to question why am i working here.

Hmmmm , we tried a lot of proffessions ! But i think better to work where you feel that its yours.