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Hello everyone,

Is there any tool like Google Analytics to analyze the traffic of our website? But it has to be free and without adding code. If there is none, pls let me know

Thanks in advance

Google Analytics is free, but you’ll need to add code to your site to use it.

Without adding code, you’re really limited to whatever stats are provided on your server, such as AWStats.

To get the correct traffic you need to add the code. Other traffic analysis sites (without code) can’t provide you the correct stats.

Google search console is good n best tool for Traffic Analysis.

Hi, as @TechnoBear said Google Analytics, it is the best tools for analysis your site. Also you can try, It is not a free tools but you can check your site in free version with few limitation.

@soumyadip: I’m curious as to how a third-party site (any third-party site) would be able to track and analyse traffic to another site? Where would they get the information? As far as I can tell from a quick look at the site you suggest, they need access to both Google Analytics and Search Console data. The OP does not want to use Analytics, and I would be wary of giving a third party access to my data in this way.

If these are prerequisite to using a tool, and the source of the tools data, what can the tool tell you that you can’t already find by having Analytics and Search Console?

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Hi @TechnoBear Why you are too much concerned about Google, as i know it is also a third party site. I have already used the premium paid version of SEMRush and thus I know what type of result it gives. There are various other search engines apart from Google, and SEMRush is a reputed company and it provides results as accurate than Google. However, I do not know what type of algorithm is followed by this site in the back end, yet SEMRush gives the best performance. Though, the analytics result of SEMRush is not 100% similar to Google, but there is not a hell and heaven difference. I appreciate what you said but kindly I request you to use SEMRush, at least for once.

@soumyadip: the OP in this topic, @templateskore, has asked for a free alternative to Google Analytics, which does not require the installation of any code.

Your suggested solution is to use a third-party provider which (a) is largely or entirely a paid service and (b) appears to require the use of Google Analytics. However useful you may find this service, it does not meet the OP’s requirements.

I did try it earlier, but I’m apparently required to sign up for an account in order to do so (even though the TOS says I may use the site as either a registered or unregistered user). I have no wish to do this.

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@templateskore only ask for traffic I already maintain > Also you can try, It is not a free tool but you can check your site in free version with few limitation.

He easily major his traffic through SEMRush free version. I do not have much time to market SEMRush, I just got the benefit of using the free version of SEMRush and thus shared it with you. I am attaching the free version result so that you can have a look. I think @templateskore will appreciate it and it will help him as well.

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