April 2020 Photo Challenge - Happy Pictures

As most of the world seems to be in lockdown, this seems like a good opportunity to look through all your old photos and remember some happy times.

The theme for this month is just that: happy pictures. That could be a photo of a special place, a memorable event, or just something which made you laugh

The only rules for posting pictures are:

  • They must be on the specified theme
  • They must be your own pictures.

There are no prizes; this is just for fun. If you don’t take photos yourself, or don’t have anything suitable to post, then please join in by “voting” for your favourite picture(s) using the “like” button.


To start the ball rolling, I’ll post this lovely, peaceful image, taken from a small jetty on Small Isles Bay, Jura. We first visited when we spent our honeymoon there, although this photo is from a later trip. We were told this was the most likely place to spot otters, and it soon became a favourite stopping place on our walks. Over the years, we have seen otters in quite a few locations on Jura, but never here. upsidedown Despite that, we still refer to it as “Mr. Otter’s pier”. lol


And from the sublime to the ridiculous, as they say. smile

This relaxing rhino at Edinburgh Zoo made us laugh when we saw him, and still makes us laugh when we think about him.


No, not a traffic jam, but a classic car rally in Cetona, Tuscany, a few years ago. A nice day out.


A lovely holiday in Northern Ireland. Remains of the ancestral home :slight_smile:


The Ardbeg distillery on Islay, where we had an awesome lunch with whisky soaked salmon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hope that tire isn’t stuck on his head permanently.



As today is apparently Unicorn Day, and the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, it seems appropriate to share this, from a great evening out last year at Edinburgh Zoo’s Giant Lantern event.


This a VERY old picture (he just turned 18), but it makes me smile every time I see it


That smile tho! It can brighten up your day. We need more smiles like this to bring more hope and positivity especially during this pandemic crisis. Stay safe and positive everyone!

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This picture of a meadow pipit (I think) with a handlebar moustache always makes me smile.


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