Application to view previous alterations of website

Hi all,

I have been asked a question by a client where they are convinced a particular brochure was once there and now has disappeared off the site, is there any websites or applications that I can use to possibly retrieve screenshots of the page dating back the past couple of months?

Kyle might have it. Type cache:http://url/whatever into google and you’ll see googles most recent snapshot.

Other than that I’m not really sure. However, i’d suggest the burden of proof falls on the client.

You could SVN the entire website to keep track of every modification you do.

Jump into your DeLorean and away you go :cool:

The Wayback Machine ( has a historic cache, but it doesn’t show anything in the last 1½–2 years, so probably not a lot of use for you - and even then, you can’t prove that a page was not there.

Thanks for these tips guys!

Much appreciated!