How to get link from modified page?

So here is what I wanted to do. You take one page, any page, say for eg. and now using Google Chrome you edit something (you know how to edit with google chrome, ctrl + u, and so on…), say logo or some color. Now, is there any way to save those changes and then you get some link. Then you send that link to someone else and what he see is modified page with the same original url or little modified url?

Is that even possible, somehow?

File > Save as … and send as attachment?

But I think references (like image links) will be relative. So that may not provide the results you want.
I have seen references to software apps that proclaim they can capture/scrape/absorb/collect a static webpage. Can’t remember any of them because I never had such a need.

If you are running on *nix system you could just use wget on the URL and pipe it to a file. Then edit the raw HTML as you see fit (or while displaying it locally in a browser).

maybe just a screenshot would be sufficient?