Looking for archived pages

Client forgot to renew his domain so he lost the site . He had no backup. I know Wayback Machine can find archives pages but I am finding no site there despite it being launched a couple years ago. Are there any other archive tools that will help me find cached site so I can use it as a basis to rebuild?

The domain and hosting often aren’t the same thing, so the site may still exist on the hosting account. Have you checked that? If so, you can log in to whatever control panel the hosting has and access all the files.

No. They said it was one and the same in regards to hosting and domain. Godaddy. The site actually deactivated a few months ago (it’s only now they are realizing it’s gone) so I guess there wouldn’t be any sort of cache eh?

I’m not sure, but usually there is some sort of backup system, so it would be worth checking to see if that’s been deleted yet. I’m assuming there was a database involved. Otherwise, if it was static, the whole site might be sitting on the web designer’s desktop.