Hi all
Couldnt see anywhere else to put this question, but I am trying to find out what software this site is running, I can see it is mostly cg based and perl based with ikonboard in the background or it is a bunch of scripts together, anyone have any idea of what it might be?

There isn’t necessarily a way to determine the programming language or the software behind the site. Considering it appears to use CGI scripts, I would guess Perl. A number of things could be behind the site, but Perl always comes to mind with CGI.

The live site is not available, the way back machine you can type any website in and it will bring archived sites. I was a member of the site for quite sometime, just trying to figure out what it ran, also the archive has kept most of the site intact, bearing in mind it archives files etc, not the database.

I think the site is NOT running anything. That “wayback” is over 7 years old.

Plus things are complicated by the fact that you have the archive site running. So figuring out what isn’t the archive site, and what was the wayback site, would be problematic to say the least.

IMHO you would have better luck analysing a currently live site.

Yeah I know it is perl / CGI, im trying to figure out what scripts it is using, looks like there is a few running in the background, just dont know what ones.

Wow 50+ views and no one knows :frowning: