Anyone use 99designs?

I’m just curious to know and would like to hear from someone who uses it how does it work? Thanks.

It’s actually SitePoint’s sister site. If you are a client, you post the requirements of your job, and the amount you want to pay, and designers submit proposed designs. If you are a designer, you look at what jobs are going and submit proposals. In the end, the client will select the preferred design.

A great place for designers. Been able to bagged couple of contests. Clear communication and fast payment. Wish 99d had a place for coders as well.

GD Forum discussion regarding the negative side of crowdsourcing…

99designs like all the other crowd-sourcing services was created to increase profits on behalf of the service provider with little to no regard of quality of work received. The people who created these things are mad geniuses that could care less about the end products so long as they get their cut. Everything is left up to the contest holder to decide what they “like” instead of what will be the most successful given their business goals, market, etc. Contest sites essentially take design from visual communication business to that of art. In reality though the “contest” segment of the market is fairly small. Most people still understand the importance of working with a single, qualified individual face to face. Contest sites provide a nice heaven for customers that most highly skilled professionals would rather not waste their time anyway.