Design Contests

Hey, earlier today I came across a site called It looks like a pretty sweet idea and website, you just find a contest, submit your website design and hope you win but this website seems to be bad in paticular, as it seems to advertise you to make a contest at every corner and alsoeveryone wants a website in wordpress, and not HTML. Plus, the deadlines seem so short. I mean, a fully functioning website in 5 days flat seems hard.

Anyway my point is, does anymore know of any

In the SitePoint group, we call it :smiley:

That looks like a nicer and less money grabbing site. Ill sign up, thanks!

Great that is something unique and looks really beneficial.

Thank you Toby for that information. I am so excited to join this contest but I have been passing too much busy time so I will participate on next contest.

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